Lewis Hamilton had a meeting with the FIA president

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Lewis Hamilton had a meeting with the FIA president

Lewis Hamilton wants Formula 1 to be transparent about the findings of the investigation into the final race in Abu Dhabi after a ‘good meeting’ with President Mohammed Ben Sulayem. The FIA ​​World Motorsport Council will meet this week before the first race in Bahrain of the new season to discuss the findings of an investigation into the management of last year’s decisive race in Abu Dhabi, where Max Verstappen defeated Hamilton after one lap of race restarts.

Hamilton has already expressed a desire for the FIA ​​to publish the entire investigation report so that fans can fully understand what happened after race director Michael Massi failed to enforce two members of the sports regulations.

It remains unclear if the report will be published in its entirety or only certain elements, but Hamilton revealed in Bahrain that he met with Ben Sulayem on Thursday. "I think it's important that we are transparent as a sport," Hamilton said.

"I had a good meeting with Mohammed last night, who agreed that this is the direction we need as a sport." "I'm looking forward to seeing it all be published and that people know that as a sport we are transparent and that we learn from what has happened in the past, and that we will make improvements in the future."

The FIA ​​announced a number of planned changes to Formula One operations in February, including hiring two new race directors - Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas - to replace Masi, as well as introducing a new virtual control room as a VAR in football.

Hamilton said that he will meet with Wittich, who will be the director of the race in Bahrain this weekend, and that there is no new information about the virtual control room.

Russell statement

Hamilton added that he expects to receive a penalty from the FIA ​​for not attending last year's gala dinner for the end of the season, but that he will "work together to ensure that money will be invested in children from poor communities who want to be motorsport engineers."

The opinion of the driver is divided regarding the current investigation. Max Verstappen feels there is no need to publish the full report of the investigation, and he had the support of Fernando Alonso. But George Russell, Hamilton's new teammate at Mercedes, thinks it's very important that all the findings are made public as soon as possible.

"Obviously, the events that took place in Abu Dhabi did not meet the standards we all expected, we as fans, drivers, teams," Russell said. "Clarity is needed. The important thing is that - a problem we have faced in the past, we have to get over it - but it cannot be ignored. " "We need to see the consequences."