Charles Leclerc: No team got to know their car like Ferrari during testing

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Charles Leclerc: No team got to know their car like Ferrari during testing

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc believes his team gained the best knowledge and understanding of their car during testing, and pointed out that Ferrari is aiming to win the first race of the season. Mercedes and Red Bull brought significant car upgrades to the second test in Bahrain, while Ferrari, except for minor modifications to the floor and front wing, remained unchanged.

Ferrari has decided to focus on understanding and optimizing the current car because the Italian team believes that in unlocking the potential of the car lies the greatest progress. "The first race will tell us if our approach was the best, but I am convinced of that because I think that probably no team got to know their car as well as we did because they changed it.

But on the other hand, Red Bull has made a big step forward on the last day of testing with new parts. I was also surprised by Mercedes at the beginning of testing here in Bahrain, a completely different concept. " "Even though all the concepts are different, theirs is quite extreme.

It will definitely be interesting to see here in the qualifiers what works best. But I am satisfied with our approach and the fact that we already know our car very, very well, "said Leclerc.
Leclerc teammate Carlos Sainz has a similar opinion and believes Ferrari’s approach has helped them make the most of track time during testing.

Ferrari did the most laps during testing. "We came here with the same car we had in Barcelona. We went out on the track and tried to solve the problems of jumping and speeding up the car.

Sainz on Ferrari, Red Bull

It helps drivers when the car is constant, when you don't have to do aerodynamic testing, aerodynamic mapping and things like that.

It's always good for that, but drivers are wasting time figuring out the car. " “We were able to focus on developing the car’s lineup, testing more performance features, to bring the car into a better operating range.

I think that helped us drivers as well. We didn't chase performance, I didn't drive the car at the limit, but I did a lot of long distances and I think that will help me understand the car better, "said Sainz.

Ferrari enters the season very well prepared and was singled out as one of the teams that impressed the most during testing. However, Ferrari does not want to get carried away. Asked who is the favorite ahead of the start of the season, Leclerc said: “Red Bull because of what they showed.

But I don't think Mercedes has shown all its potential either. " "They did a couple of laps here and there that were good when they put everything together — to be honest, they haven't settled down yet. A lot has yet to come of them. I think those two teams are still the teams to win this year. "