Lewis Hamilton: We need 4 races to figure out W13

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Lewis Hamilton: We need 4 races to figure out W13

Lewis Hamilton said everyone at Mercedes is excited about the challenge to solve the problems they face in the new car before the start of the season. Mercedes endured a tough second pre-season test in Bahrain where drivers struggled to pull off a constant pace, while their car also suffered greater challenges than their rivals.

Challenges to the test prompted Hamilton to state that currently, Mercedes is not in a position to compete for the victories as the test in Bahrain ended. Hamilton reiterated that his team is failing in performance and warned that they will need at least 4 races to understand the car properly.

"The tests were tough," Hamilton admitted. "When we start racing, we will have to learn about the car, for which we will probably need a minimum of 4 races." "We have some problems, everyone is bouncing."

The seven-time champion revealed a number of video meetings they held this week to ensure the team will be in the best spot for this weekend at the Bahrain GP. "Testing was difficult, but the good thing is that we currently have a conference call with all the people in Brixworth (Mercedes headquarters in the UK), we will talk about the engine, driving, how we can get more power this weekend," he explained.

. "Then I have another conference call with all the engineers at Brackley (Mercedes factory), just to figure out how we can get more out of the car, how we can prevent jumping, and how to get performance out of it."

"Everyone is excited. All engineers love a challenge. So that's good. " Reigning champion Max Verstappen finished testing in Bahrain as the fastest, which Hamilton characterized as Red Bull along with Ferrari favorite.

"A lot of cars look very fast on the track," he added. “Alfa Romeo looked fast, Bottas looked fast. Of course, Red Bull looks incredibly fast right now, just like Ferrari. ” "But we are the best team.

No doubt."

FIA on Mercedes design

The FIA ​​has spoken out on the question of whether Mercedes' design of new mirrors corresponds to the new rules, now it is known that it is legal. The FIA ​​Technical Advisory Board met on Tuesday, and Mercedes mirrors were one of the big topics for discussion.

Mercedes tested an upgraded mirror assembly in Bahrain, while Ferrari questioned whether its aerodynamic performance was in line with the rules. Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said that they had 2018 mirrors that the FIA ​​abolished, so they asked to clarify the new concept developed by Mercedes: "We have previously argued that mirrors should not have any air purpose.

They should be there just to be seen, "Binotto said. That the Mercedes mirrors will be declared legal was hinted at by the FIA's head of single-seat issues, Nicolas Tombazis, who admitted that Formula 1 "may not have" clarified some rules as it should be, and that will lead to a debate.

"We are always assessing the rules for the coming years and assessing whether things are clear. (A) When there are new rules, sometimes some things may not be formulated the way we intended and so on, ”Tombazis said.

"There were some small details, perhaps in some areas, which are a little less regulated than other areas. I would say that there was nothing that we think is contrary to the goals of the rules, "said Tombazis. After the indication was given that Mercedes' new mirrors will be confirmed that they are in accordance with the rules for the upcoming season, this has just happened.

"The FIA ​​has declared Mercedes mirrors legal, and their use will be allowed at the Bahrain Grand Prix," reads the latest statement regarding Mercedes mirrors on the W13 car. Obviously, this will provoke a lot of copying by many rival teams as they were part of the discussion at yesterday’s FIA meeting.