Matia Binotto believes Ferrari doesn't have a car to win

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Matia Binotto believes Ferrari doesn't have a car to win

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes that the F1-75 is still not a car for victories, although the Italian team looked very good during the pre-season tests in Barcelona and Bahrain. The Reds performed very well during testing in Barcelona and Bahrain and are considered by many to be the fastest team ahead of the start of the new season.

While Ferrari is optimistic that it has made good progress over the winter to get closer to the leading teams, their boss Mattia Binotto says it is wrong to say that they are currently the best team. He says that he does not understand why others praised the potential of his team because it is impossible to know with complete accuracy the strong order based on the results achieved in the tests.

“I personally am not capable of judging others, but we should be very good at assessing our abilities and I don’t think we will be winners. I think both Red Bull and Mercedes have very strong and fast cars, and those teams are also very strong.

" "Red Bull brought car upgrades on the last day of testing, which shows how good they are in development, which will be crucial until the first race." "Maybe Mercedes will improve even more. They are very strong and fast and I hope we can be outsiders.

"I hope we will be able to fight them, that would be great on our part," said Binotto.

Ferrari approach

Ferrari decided on a slightly different approach, unlike Mercedes and Red Bull, and in the tests, they did not significantly upgrade the car, but focused on understanding the car, optimizing it, and collecting as much data as possible.

Binotto, therefore, points out that it will be very important for Ferrari to be aggressive in development. "You always have to take that extra step forward. You can’t be too confident. You always have to progress and work on improvements in Formula 1.

We know that our competitors are very strong and have shown that they are very fast. I expect them to be ahead of us in the first race. I hope that we will challenge them to the maximum and that we will be close to them. That would be a great start to the season.

But then development will be crucial for the rest of the season, "Binotto added. While many believe Ferrari has the strongest car this year, Binotto doesn't seem to want to be overly optimistic