Lewis Hamilton gives a big update about his private life!

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Lewis Hamilton gives a big update about his private life!

Speaking at Expo 2022 in Dubai, the British driver Lewis Hamilton revealed that he wanted to add to his surname the maiden name of his mother Carmen, Larbalestier. The 7 times F1 world champion will therefore be called Lewis Hamilton-Larbalestier, probably already from the first Bahrain GP.

Hamilton explains: "I don't understand why when two people get married the woman has to lose her surname. I am really proud of my family name, Hamilton. But I have requested that my mother's Larbalestier be added to my surname.

I want her to continue. together with that Hamilton. When will the change take place? Hopefully soon, I don't know if it will be by this weekend, but we're working on it. It would mean a lot for my family to win the eighth title."

Lewis Hamilton splits with Camila Kendra

Lewis Hamilton is single again: the English driver has just left with the Dominican model Camila Kendra, to whom he was linked since last summer. The reasons for the rupture are unknown: rumors said that everything is linked to a difficult moment Lewis Hamilton went through in recent months, when rumors of his retirement from F1 spread.

The love story also seems to have ended badly: in fact it would seem according to rumors that Camila has decided to completely cut off relations with Hamilton. So much so that she stopped following him on social media. Lewis was also engaged to singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Hamilton and Camila, on the other hand, had met last summer and it was love at first sight, with Camila seen at Lewis Hamilton's villa in Colorado. Lewis was born in Stevenage, in the county of Hertfordshire, to Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier.

His maternal family is originally from England, while his paternal family comes from Central America, more precisely from the State of Grenada, in the Caribbean Sea, from which his grandfather arrived in the United Kingdom in 1954.

Following the separation of the parents in 1987 , Hamilton lived with his mother and half-sisters Nicola and Samantha until the age of twelve, when he decided to move in with his father, stepmother Linda and stepbrother Nicolas.

He discovered his passion for motors in 1991, after receiving an electric model car as a gift from his father. Realizing Lewis' outstanding talent for racing, Anthony went into debt to get him on a kart, serving as his son's manager until 2010.

He is an Arsenal fan. He was engaged to Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger from November 2007 to February 2015. Since 2017 he has adopted a vegan diet and, again from that year, he has been involved in initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment and animals.