Helmut Marko: Mercedes' revolutionary design did not impress us


Helmut Marko: Mercedes' revolutionary design did not impress us
Helmut Marko: Mercedes' revolutionary design did not impress us

Helmut Marko says Red Bull was not impressed with the performance of the Mercedes W13 car during other pre-season tests in Bahrain. The sports adviser of the Austrian team revealed that his team paid close attention to the performance of the Mercedes W13 in Bahrain after the current design champions appeared in the test with a new revolutionary design.

After a solid edition at the first pre-season tests in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes presented extremely reduced sides and a new mirror design - with which it raised a complete paddock to its feet after the German team showed off its car.

But at the end of three days of testing, the Red Bull upgraded RB18 finished a second faster than Mercedes on the same component C5 tires (although again to be taken with a reserve of time), and Marko said there was nothing particularly noteworthy in the performance of their rivals.

"We looked more at the performance, which was not so impressive," Marko told the Austrian OE24. "What Mercedes has brought seems revolutionary. But the time (of the lap) is important, and the main thing is that we are the fastest again, "he added.

Marko on Bahrain

However, Marko admitted that he was cautious on the eve of the opening of the season in Bahrain, explaining that Mercedes also struggled at the end of the pre-season tests in 2021, only to show up after them and win the first race.

"I remember last year when Mercedes also lagged behind in testing. But we are primarily worried about our car and we are doing well, "he added. On the other hand, Marko touched on bouncing. Mercedes struggled to solve its bounce problems that prevented them from showing better performance.

The Austrian claims that they do not have such problems. The RB18 looked considerably calmer than the W13 in a fast lap on the Sakhir track, and Marko feels confident in the area. "We have that under control. We are completely satisfied with the new car and all the upgrades.

Now I'm just waiting for the qualifiers on Saturday, when the engine will start and all the tickets will be on the table, "concluded the Red Bull adviser. Mercedes will be motivated this season after Red Bull took their title at the last minute.

Lewis Hamilton is especially angry after all, and right now he will have a chance to take revenge for it. An interesting season awaits us. Will Mercedes or Red Bull, or Ferrari dominate this season?

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