Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes is currently not in a position to fight for victory

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Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes is currently not in a position to fight for victory

Lewis Hamilton says that Mercedes is facing ‘big’ challenges and that the team is currently not in a position to fight for victories. Mercedes has won eight consecutive design titles since 2014, but they pointed out that this year's rule change is a huge challenge — their biggest ever in the hybrid era.

Teams in addition had to change the way they worked due to the introduction of budget constraints, and big teams like Mercedes had to make restructuring to meet all the requirements. In addition, new constraints have been introduced to develop aerodynamics, so the team that finishes first has the least time available in the air tunnel, while the last team gets the most time — this was done to even out a strong order and increase competition between teams.

. Mercedes drivers insisted during testing that they were lagging behind and diminished their chances ahead of this season. They highlighted Ferrari and Red Bull as favorites and teams that are currently better than them. Of course, we've seen stories like this from Mercedes in recent years during testing - we would "praise" other teams, and then during the season, they would always have the best car on average.

Because of this, few believe in their stories, but Lewis Hamilton assures that this year is different: "Not. This time things are a lot different. It won’t look as good as last year when we had problems in testing and then won the race.

We have much bigger challenges this time." "We won't be able to solve them in a week. We will need a lot more time. The team told us that we have to find a serious amount of performance. "

Hamilton on the new season

Hamilton reiterated that Ferrari is currently the best team and that Mercedes is not in a good position.

He does not expect his team in their current form to fight for victory next week in Bahrain. Asked if he would fight for the title this year, he replied: "It's too early to think about such things. At the moment, I don't think we will fight for victories, but the car has the potential to come to that position."

"We need to get the most out of it and solve our problems. We're working on it. Everyone is doing a fantastic job and doing their best." "We have problems. We'll have a better idea of ​​our speed next week.

"People may be surprised — people think we're slowing down, but this year is different," Hamilton said. Mercedes came to Bahrain with the B version of the car, and the extreme design of their sidewalls attracted the most attention.

The German team needs time to fully understand their car, and they also have more problems than other competing teams with bouncing — Red Bull and Ferrari seem to be on track to solve this problem, while Hamilton points out that bouncing is currently 'slowing them down'