Lewis Hamilton: I feel at my best. So, why should I left?

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Lewis Hamilton: I feel at my best. So, why should I left?

Lewis Hamilton claims to feel fresher than ever before the new season after taking a break from everything over the winter. At the end of last season, the Mercedes driver left disappointed with the sport because of the way he lost when former race director Michael Masi did not implement two members of the regulations.

But Hamilton claims he never seriously considered leaving the sport and returned to the track last month with Mercedes ’new W13 car in pre-season testing. Lewis is nearing the end of his career at the age of 37, but he constantly says that he feels like he is at the peak of his game while he is hunting for his record eighth title.

"It's normal that at the end of each season, especially for those my age, we think about our future." “Thinking about what your next steps are, what the right steps are for you, what is right for your overall happiness? That's why I always evaluate all my options.

" But I made a commitment with my team quite early in the season, and in the end I love what I do. I love being part of a team. I like to work, as I have said many times, with everyone towards a common goal. ” “I feel at my best.

So, why should I left? There are many ways to refocus and I can say that this winter was one of the best I have ever experienced. ” "So I feel fresher than ever."

Hamilton and social networks

Hamilton left all social networks after losing the title in Abu Dhabi until a few days before the unveiling of the Mercedes car in mid-February.

The seven-time champion admitted that Formula 1 was "the last thing he wanted to talk to anyone about" during the break and dedicated himself to his family. “Of course, I talked to my father about these things, because it’s something we started together, but we didn’t touch on some things,” Hamilton said.

"It was more about living in the moment and creating memories. I know that sometimes in life we ​​become so focused and stuck in some things as work and forget to do those things. ” “It was too good a time to freshen up and remember.

It was one of the best periods I've ever spent with my family. " After three days of driving in pre-season testing in Barcelona last month, Hamilton will return to the Mercedes W13 for a second test in Bahrain on March 10, and after the test, the new Formula 1 season will kick off with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 20.