Lando Norris on ambitions for 2022

"I feel much more confident that I know what I have to do when I'm in that position"

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris on ambitions for 2022

Lando Norris believes he is ready to win races and fight for first-class premier positions if his MCL36 is competitive especially as he has been comfortable in the leadership position in Sochi. The McLaren driver finished on the podium on four occasions in the 2021 season and won pole position at the Russian Grand Prix, but saw his first win elude him in the same spot after he stayed on dry tires while it rained.

However, last season’s experience and the way he has performed leave Norris feeling ready for a potential chance to fight for wins in the upcoming season. "I definitely feel much more confident that if I suddenly fought to win the first race, especially after being in such a position in Russia, I would feel very confident in that position," says Norris.

"Of course I would still be nervous or whatever, but I think I'll be a lot more confident than if I didn't have the season I had last year and experienced some of the things I experienced," he added. "But I feel much more confident that I know what I have to do when I'm in that position.

So, yes, I think I'm ready for that, "he said. "But I guess you never know how much better you're going to do because a lot depends on the car and things like that, sometimes you have to be lucky, sometimes you're unhappy." “I worked hard over the winter to make a lot of improvements.

One thing that made me very happy was to see that the improvements are actually obviously happening and happening, and they are showing up right away in terms of results, ”explains Lando.

Lando Norris is confident

Norris adds that he feels very confident from the driver's point of view, but also adds that it does not mean that he will do well.

“Mostly from the point of view of driver self-confidence and driver mentality, I feel very confident. Does that mean I'm going to do well or not: I'm just going to have to wait and see. " "By how I feel and what I've learned, I feel I can continue and make some improvements and get into the year I started last season." "But the circumstances will be different in the car.

We may need different driving styles and things like that because it will be a completely different car, ”concluded Lando Norris. Lando Norris seems to have tremendous self-confidence which is certainly commendable and important in the fight for big goals

Lando Norris