In 2021 there is a downforce change in F1 cars

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In 2021 there is a downforce change in F1 cars

Formula 1 cars next season will lose about 10% downforce due to a change in the rules regarding floor dimensions to stop the rise in downforce levels that could have a negative effect on the integrity of tires that are the same from 2019.

The teams decided to keep the same tires for 2020 as they did in 2019 after they were not satisfied with the performance of the new tire prototypes for 2020, and due to the financial crisis caused by coronavirus, Pirelli will deliver the same tires in 2021.

This is likely to turn out to be a good move as most teams themselves support such a decision and stand firmly behind it. In 2020, there will be no huge changes in the rules that should satisfy all teams in Formula 1 Although the rules for 2021 are largely the same as for 2020 with a freeze on the development of most components to reduce costs, with a few simple changes in a very sensitive area of ​​the flooring, the FIA ​​decided to cut downforces to reduce stress on tires.

Downforce change

“We think the downforce has increased a little too much,” said Nicholas Tombazis, head of the FIA’s technical issues for single-seater, as quoted by max f1 "We expect the rule changes to bring downforce levels to a level between late 2019 and early 2020."

"We communicated with the teams about a few options we were considering and after hearing their comments we narrowed down the selection which was eventually reduced to three minor changes." "We will eliminate some slits at the edge of the floor, we will reduce the wings around the rear brakes by 40 mm, and the diffuser fences that are currently higher forward will be shortened by 50 mm."

"We think these changes will reduce the downforce by about 4-5%, and we've added a diagonal cut at the edge of the floor." “Overall we expect a loss of about 10%, but teams will find about 4-5% through normal development.

We don't know exactly how many teams will find performance, but those are our estimates. " Due to the never higher level of downforce, this year's cars set new track records in all races held so far except in Spain, which was driven in much hotter conditions than in its usual time, so this year's pole position was 0.178 with slower than the 2019 track record.