Max Verstappen's manager warns: We haven't seen the best of Max yet

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Max Verstappen's manager warns: We haven't seen the best of Max yet

Max Verstappen has signed a new multi-year contract with Red Bull that will keep him on the team until 2028, and the Dutch manager believes that the best is yet to come from the new champion. Max Verstappen's manager, Raymond Vermeulen, warns that the Red Bull driver is further improving after winning his first Formula One title last year.

Due to such an achievement, the Austrian team rewarded its driver with a new multi-year contract that will remove him from the driver's market by the end of 2028. This year, with number one on his car, Verstappen wants to reach his second title to become just the 11th driver in Premier Class history to reach his second title in a row.

But to do so, he will have to hope that Red Bull made him a car to succeed. In an interview with the Dutch De Telegraaf, Vermeulen spoke with confidence as he watched through 2022 and beyond for Red Bull. Verstappen's new contract comes at an interesting time for this sport: there is a lot of uncertainty about who will be the leader during the upcoming season after the introduction of new technical rules.

Engine freezing

In addition, there is engine freezing, which makes it difficult for teams that may not have enough power to fight for more dominant power units. "Red Bull's plans for the future look very good. When I see the fighting spirit within the team, it suits us perfectly, ”says Vermeulen.

"Formula 1 is entering a new era, it's not crazy to think about the long term. Red Bull’s vision goes beyond the first races of the upcoming season. We know exactly what is coming and who is there. The team occupies the highest positions, ”he added.

The Verstappen manager explains that Red Bull prepared the Dutch driver well. He assures that the 24-year-old is not the best seen yet. “Also, we must not forget that Red Bull offered Max F1 a 16-year-old contract and prepared him well.

Of course, there were discussions, but as it turned out, it couldn't have been better. " "The learning line is not over yet. Max is still in development. We have not seen the best of him yet, ”concluded Vermeulen.

What is certain is that Verstappen will enter the new season much more relaxed, given that he has fulfilled his biggest goal. This year, Hamilton is more motivated than ever before, and an exciting season awaits us