Max Verstappen gets a new contract, Marko complains about the car

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Max Verstappen gets a new contract, Marko complains about the car

Max Verstappen has signed a huge new contract worth $ 53 million a year, to stay at Red Bull beyond 2023. After winning the title last year, Verstappen has said he wants to stay with Red Bull his entire career. He and the team have now committed to a new contract that keeps him in Red Bull and through the previous contract until 2023.

This contract nullifies any speculation that Max could change the team in the near future, although the expectation that the Dutchman will leave Red Bull has been very incredible over the past few seasons. According to the Daily Mail, Verstappen's contract is worth around 53.3 million (40 million pounds).

This contract puts Max at the top of the F1 salary list, with the British media also announcing that Hamilton's contract is worth about 40 million pounds a year. Red Bull has certainly secured large financial assistance from new sponsor Oracle, signing a five-year contract worth $ 500 million - one of the biggest sponsorship deals in the sport.

Red Bull sports advisor Helmut Marko reveals that RB18 overweight is a major problem they are currently facing. However, he points out that almost every team on the grid is dealing with this problem. Formula 1 has increased the minimum weight of a single seat by 43 kilograms compared to last season, so that the planned weight for the 2022 season is 795 kilograms.

Some teams are well above that figure, which directly affects performance. One team boss claims that some cars are "well above the allowable weight", reports the German publication Auto Motor und Sport.


Something similar is acknowledged by an advisor to the Austrian team who says the RB18 is one of the overweight cars.

However, he claims that not only they suffer from this problem, but also most of the teams on the grid. “The only problem we have is weight, but all teams have it. Thank God that the minimum weight has been raised, but there is still a lot of work to be done before the first race, ”Marko told German Motorsport-Magazine.

Due to problems with this issue, team bosses are expected to talk to resolve the issue, and Marko is confident that the minimum weight will be increased by 2022. But it seems unlikely that the rules in this regard will change in just a few week to season.

The Austrian believes that there is only one team that has achieved the minimum weight in accordance with what is allowed: "All but one team is struggling with the problem of weight," he added. All indications are that the only team left close to 795 pounds is Alfa Romeo.

However, Auto Motor und Sport also points out that McLaren is "not lagging behind" "Only Alfa Romeo has no problem," the German publication said.