Valteri Bottas warns rivals to fear Lewis Hamilton!

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Valteri Bottas warns rivals to fear Lewis Hamilton!

Valtteri Bottas praised his former team-mate Lewis Hamilton, calling him a “living legend” and warned his rivals that the Briton would return stronger after a controversial race in Abu Dhabi. Bottas and Hamilton were teammates for five seasons at Mercedes.

During that time, the Finn and the Briton managed to win five constructive titles in a row, while the seven-time champion added 4 more titles in the driver’s championship. Hamilton was in a tough fight last year with Max Verstappen in the fight for the eighth title, which ended in a controversial race in Abu Dhabi because the sacked race director did not follow the rules of the safety car.

The Briton did not make any statements to the media after that, and his continuation in Formula 1 was called into question. However, Hamilton continued his career in the premier class. Valtteri Bottas gave his opinion on his former teammate.

The Finnish driver praised Lewis for his performance and warned his rivals of his return. “I had a great five years with Lewis as his teammate, and thinking about it: it was an honor. He is a living legend, ”said Bottas.

"He's a great man and a great driver - very fast. He definitely made me try to beat him. Sometimes I could, but on average this season I couldn’t." "That's how it goes. You always end up meeting someone who is better than you and you have to accept that, ”he added.

"I am just fine. I am happy that I was able to beat him sometimes when I was at my best. " "But we have come a long way. Together we have achieved so much, so many 1-2 results. Five construction championships together.

” “I learned from him about life and racing, and maybe vice versa. So it was very good with him, ”he explains.

Valteri Bottas on Lewis Hamilton power

On the other hand, Bottas warns that Hamilton will be even stronger because of the events from last year in which he lost the title, and warns that his opponents are guarded.

Bottas is not the only one thinking. Many experts and analysts believe that Hamilton will have an additional motive after all, especially since Hamilton believes that the decision in Abu Dhabi was unfair. “After everything that happened late last year, you’ll see.

He will be quite strong, and he will have fire in him. So, beware, ”Valtteri warned in words quoted by The Race. We can't wait for the start of the season!