Christian Horner: Sticking number 1 on the car motivated the whole team

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Christian Horner: Sticking number 1 on the car motivated the whole team

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says the number one, worn by new world champion Max Verstappen on the Austrian team’s car, has motivated the entire team, adding that the feedback from RB18 is encouraging. The Dutch driver has announced that for the new Formula 1 season in 2022 he will take number 1 and put on the car, something that has a special motivation for him.

Verstappen officially carried number one on the RB18 car in the first pre-season tests. From the camp of the team based in Milton Keynes, they believe that this issue is an additional motivation for this season, and they hope that they will use it in the future as well.

The Red Bull boss assures that the ability to wear number one is an encouraging fact for the team, especially after everything that happened in the 2021 season. “Sticking number one to the car after the pain we went through last year, after the fight, we had in 2021… and now fighting to keep it on the car… That motivated the whole team,” Horner said.

“You can see spring at every turn, and that gives people confidence, which is a very important thing in any sport: not having arrogance, but self-confidence, and I think that goes through the organization,” he added.

The Briton hopes that this will not be the only season in which Red Bull will wear number one as he places all his hopes in RB18. For now, Christian assures that they have started well in the pre-season tests. “So far, the feedback from the RB18 car has been good.

It behaves as we expected and as our tools anticipated. Therefore, it was an encouraging start, ”says Horner.

Horner on Hamilton

While Lewis Hamilton will be looking for a record eighth championship title this season, wanting to take the title to Max Verstappen, Russell is struggling to make a name for himself and likely follow in Verstappen’s footsteps by winning his first title.

According to the head of Red Bull, this outcome of the situation could give Hamilton headaches, although he admits that the Briton will be extremely motivated. "Lewis will be very motivated this season," Horner said.

"But he will have more internal competition because he has a hungry competitive young teammate who will be on his heels. "Life will not be easier for him, that's for sure," he said. "George will be a big factor this year.

He was incredibly fast in all the younger categories, he is one of the extraordinary talents, and dealing with his drivers will give Toto a headache this year, "Horner is convinced. However, the head of the Austrian team did not mention his driving lineup Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Last season, the Mexican driver came to only one victory in the race, while Verstappen had 10. Perez said that he also wants to win the title in the new era of Formula 1, so it will be interesting how things will go.