Toto Wolff: We think Ferrari has the strongest engine right now

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Toto Wolff: We think Ferrari has the strongest engine right now

The Mercedes team is impressed with the progress that Ferrari has made with its power unit, and the head of the German team, Toto Wolff, pointed out that they think Ferrari currently has the strongest engine. Ferrari has left a very good impression in the course of testing so far — during the 3 days of testing, they completed 439 laps (the most of all teams), and they did not have any problems with reliability.

Ferrari, like all manufacturers, has designed a completely new powertrain for this year. All manufacturers have had their hands full on the design of V6 internal combustion engines due to the transition to the new E10 fuel, and German Auto Motor und Sport writes that neither Mercedes nor Honda have yet made up for the loss of 20 hp caused by this change.

Ferrari did not want to speak in numbers, but the German Auto Motor und Sport writes that the Italian team has made a big step forward with a new engine — bigger than last year when they managed to make up about 25 hp over the winter.

In addition, they increased the power of their power unit during the season by introducing a new hybrid system, which brought them an improvement of approximately 2 tenths per lap. After the controversy with the engine in 2019, the Italian team had to redesign the drive unit for 2020, when they fell to the very back of the strong order of engine manufacturers and were 50 hp behind Mercedes.

As engine development ‘freezes’ by the end of 2026, Ferrari has risked this winter with the design of its powertrain to be competitive for the very top.

Wolff on Ferrari engine

The V6 engine, MGU-K and MGU-H will be frozen from March 1, and the battery and electronics from September 1.

So this winter was one of the last opportunities for Ferrari to make up for its loss they have been ‘pulling’ since the end of 2020. Ferrari is believed to have found about 25 to 35 hp with the new engine, and Mercedes' Toto Wolff says: "We think Ferrari currently has the strongest engine," Wolff was quoted as saying by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

However, Ferrari "drops" the ball. Testing times don’t mean much and they can often be deceiving. Therefore, Binotto does not want his team to ‘fly’ too much. "We are not favorites, we are outsiders," Binotto said.

However, Ferrari's customer teams, according to AMuS, are satisfied with what the Italian team delivered — the performance of the new engine is promising, and it does not seem to have come at a price of reliability because there were no problems with Ferrari engines during the first pre-season testing.