Lewis Hamilton: My team don't make mistakes

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Lewis Hamilton: My team don't make mistakes

Lewis Hamilton isn’t worried about whether Mercedes managed to make a car with which to embark on the title race, as he doesn’t believe his team could make a mistake. The first pre-season tests in 2022 to be held in Barcelona started yesterday.

This was eagerly awaited in order to see the release of new cars with which the new era of Formula 1 began. The seven-time world champion found himself behind the wheel of a W13 car to drive the first kilometers without looking at how many he will do, taking into account the limitations of a film day of 100 kilometers.

The Briton was very busy, especially since he was in the center of attention after the well-known events about the interruption of communication with the media. The driver of the Mercedes was one of the first drivers to take a walk in the pits to check the opponent's cars, before he himself went into action where he set the 5th time with 50 laps.

Lewis Hamilton explanation

Hamilton later explained to the media why he wanted to see the competition so much because he considers this to be one of the most exciting and exciting seasons. “When I came and looked down the pit lane, I saw all the different cars, I think it’s one of the most exciting and exciting seasons I’ve ever started,” Lewis said.

“It’s interesting to see what the other teams have done, in terms of design, front fenders and flooring. It's a brand new car. ” "I saw the design of our car for a few months, but to see all the other cars, I was just trying to take a closer look to see if I could see everything and why other teams chose different routes."

"We have absolutely no idea where we are. All the cars are probably sluggish, heavier than they have ever been. I hope that these rules will be successful in terms of closer racing. It puts it all in the closer field of play, ”he explains.

The seven-time champion, however, assures that his team did not make a mistake in the design of the new car due to its preoccupation with the fight for the title. He believes Mercedes is not wrong. "My team doesn't make mistakes.

Of course, there is always a risk, but we don't make mistakes, ”he said. “We have very intelligent people in the factory. I trust them completely. ” "Whatever we do, good or bad, we will work on it. We always had a great car development plan, ”said Lewis Hamilton.