Fernando Alonso on the A522: I've been waiting for him for a year and a half

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Fernando Alonso on the A522: I've been waiting for him for a year and a half

Fernando Alonso admitted that he waited a year and a half for the introduction of new rules in Formula 1. The Spaniard found that the change in the rules was the main reason why he made the decision to return and he is very motivated ahead of the upcoming season.

The two-time champion is confident that the new technical rules will further mix the Formula 1 grid and allow midfield teams to take a step forward. The Alpine driver has been waiting a season and a half to see these new cars on the track and welcomes the great work he has done in designing the A522 car.

"I hope that the new rules will bring a change in Formula 1. I made the decision to return in 2020 because of this change of proposition, so I have been looking forward to these new cars for a year and a half. The team has done an amazing job over the last few months on the design of the car at the factory, ”said Alonso.

"It's great to be back, and we worked hard for this season. Construction took a very long time after delaying the arrival of new rules due to the pandemic. The car looks very good with the new propositions, and I really like this color, "he added.

Alonso closed the 2021 season with good feelings, as did Alpine, who won Formula One for the first time with Esteban Ocon at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Spanish driver is back on the podium in Qatar and has also seen the team progress satisfactorily throughout the year, something synonymous with enthusiasm this season.

"The 2021 season was a good season. Esteban won the race (and I) got back on the podium. It was a2 continuum of what we saw in previous years with Renault, and for Alpine, it was an amazing year with the first win in Formula 1."

"We have made great progress, the team is now stronger than 12 months ago and we are ready for the challenge ahead , “He assures.

Fernando Alonso on Bahrain

Alonso notes that the uncertainty will continue until the first race of this year in Bahrain, when the true position of each team will be known.

The first tests in Barcelona are starting this week, which is why he is very excited because he will be able to do his first real tests with the A522 car. "We have a new engine and I am convinced that development with the new generation of cars is on the right track.

We don’t know where everyone will be until Bahrain, but we are excited to be testing for the first time this week." "I hope that the rules work and that we will have more wheel-to-wheel fights this year," Alonso concluded.

The two-time world champion, along with teammate Esteban Ocon, will ride pink livery in the first two races of the 2022 season: the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.