Lewis Hamilton: "Max Verstappen did what anyone would do in that situation"

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Lewis Hamilton: "Max Verstappen did what anyone would do in that situation"

Lewis Hamilton did not watch the rerun of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, although he admits that the images of that day kept coming back to him. Despite everything, he doesn’t resent Max Verstappen because he knows he did what any other driver would do if he had the chance to win the title.

The seven-time world champion appeared today at the presentation of the W13 car and answered many questions that have been in the public spotlight in recent months. During the two-month vigil, he thought a lot about what happened in Abu Dhabi, although he did not want the race to be repeated.

The Briton does not want to go back, and assures that he must now focus on the new season. "It is clearly in my mind. Of course, in the weeks after the race, it kept coming back to me, ”says Hamilton. "I don't remember what I said to Max on the podium, everything is a bit murky.

I haven’t reviewed it, I don’t want to go back, I want to look forward." "While we cannot change the past, nothing will change the way things happened, how I felt then and how I feel about this situation, ”he added.

Despite Hamilton's dissatisfaction with the way the title race ended, the Briton does not blame Max Verstappen in any way for winning the title.

Lewis Hamilton on Max Verstappen

The Mercedes driver understands that the Dutchman fought like any other driver who had a chance to win the championship ahead of him.

In addition, the seven-time champion hopes to fight the Red Bull driver on the track again this year. "This has nothing to do with Max. Max did everything the driver would do when given the chance. He is a great rival, and we will be in another fight like last year, "he said.

“We will progress from our races and the experiences we had last year during the season. I have no problem with him, ”said Lewis Hamilton. Wolff added that Hamilton's condition after the race was felt by the entire Mercedes team.

"As with everyone on the team, there was an initial shock. I mean, it’s Formula 1, we must not forget that it is not global politics. But for us to live in that microcosm, it was absolutely shocking. We've never seen anything like it.

" “So he had to go and free his mind: think about something else, and then start working on those events in some way and trying to find a solution, a mental solution for himself. We were all (disappointed) because we love this sport: the fact that the stopwatch never lies and the honesty about it, "he explains.