Damon Hill: The FIA should apologize to Hamilton


Damon Hill: The FIA should apologize to Hamilton
Damon Hill: The FIA should apologize to Hamilton

1996 world champion Damon Hill says the FIA ​​should apologize to seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton after additional footage he believes proves what happened at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The FIA ​​has revealed that it is aware of new radio messages between them and Red Bull during the last race on the Yas Marina Bay track that have been broadcast in recent days.

Race director Michael Masi’s decision to allow only five drivers to deploy in the penultimate round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to have a direct title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has sparked controversy throughout the paddock.

In order to get a showdown on the track between the biggest competitors who have been fighting wheel to wheel for most of the season, Red Bull put a lot of pressure on the FIA, and a new conversation was revealed. The FIA ​​is already aware of this, and their spokesman assured that we are "aware of this and that it is part of the investigation", according to the BBC.

Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley suggested to Masi the idea of ​​having a direct fight on the track. The Australian did exactly what the Briton told him. That is, it enabled the five drivers to deploy themselves and to stop being a nuisance between the two leaders.

‘‘ Those leftover cars, you don’t have to wait for them to join the whole group, you just have to let them pass, and then we’ll have a race. Massi's answer: "I understand," Benson said.

Hill on Hamilton

Due to this development, the former Formula 1 champion, Damon Hill, spoke out.

The Briton claims that Red Bull is the only team that is happy about what happened in Abu Dhabi and calls on the FIA ​​to publicly apologize to Hamilton. On the other hand, the 61-year-old does not believe that the dismissal of Masi is the solution to change and notes that the continuity of the Australian could be better for the seven-time champion, given that he remained indebted to him.

"This is not new news. However, it is a bit embarrassing, as it was at the time. No one but Red Bull is happy with what has happened and we have to wonder what we can do about it. I welcome any ingenious ideas about that, ”says Hill.

"We should publicly apologize to Hamilton, but also to all Formula 1 fans: but that will not change the outcome of the championship," he added. "That is the whole point of my argument, and the dismissal of Masi will not affect the final result. I think it might be even better for Hamilton to stay. He owes it to him, "Damon Hill concluded