Max Verstappen defends the title with RB18: "I don't feel any extra pressure"

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Max Verstappen defends the title with RB18: "I don't feel any extra pressure"

Red Bull technical director Pierre Wache says cars for the 2022 season will be much faster on the straight. Although the teams continue to work on finalizing their designs before the first pre-season tests starting from Barcelona, ​​they already have a good knowledge of how they will behave on the track.

Speaking after the introduction of the Red Bull RB18, which featured only an upgraded show model and not a finished product, Wache said one interesting feature for next year will be the speed performance on the tracks. With the shift of cars that generate most of their downforce from the front wing to the ground effect concept, the change has led to a big reduction in aerodynamic drag.

Red Bull's technical director, Pierre Wache, claims that cars for 2022 will be much faster on the straight after the rule is changed. The Frenchman explains that with the new propositions, there will be major modifications in terms of downforce and that the maximum speed will increase significantly.

Wache assures that the changes will clearly affect the mechanical grip and aerodynamic drag of all cars, so they are especially working to create the maximum possible downforce. As a result, the Frenchman believes that Formula 1 will be much faster this year than last year.

“What we obviously want is to create and generate more downforce than in the past. This will certainly affect the mechanical grip and aerodynamic drag of the car." "This generation is quite different and these types of cars should be much faster on routes with these levels of downforce, "said Wache after the introduction of RB 18.

"It was a very unusual process for us. "We had to face a big change in the rules, the biggest since 1983, when the ban on Venturi cars came into force," he insisted.

Monaghan on new car

On the other hand, chief engineer Paul Monaghan added that an understanding of the new 18-inch tires will be crucial this year.

The change of tires will increase the weight of the car, and the teams will have to work well on the aerodynamics in order to better prepare for the first race in Bahrain this year. "The nose area is longer, and the tires will be more important.

We now have bigger wheels on road cars and after installing these 18-inches, the weight of the car increased. The aerodynamic performance will also be significant, and we need to have a good understanding of tire performance.

For us, it's like a new drawing board, "concluded Monaghan. "The biggest adjustment this season will be the new rules, because it will take us some time to get used to the car. It's not that you just walk in and (say) it's an upgrade from last year, "explains Verstappen.

The driver of the Austrian team adds that he does not feel any additional pressure this season because he will simply do what he has been doing so far and that he can hardly wait for the moment to leave the pit lane with a new car.

"This year I don’t feel any extra pressure, I will simply do what I always do because I think there is no reason to be different. Now I can't wait for the first moment when I leave pit lane with RB18, "he added.