McLaren: It’s not realistic to expect a title fight

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McLaren: It’s not realistic to expect a title fight

McLaren CEO Zak Brown says it is unrealistic to expect his team to get involved in the title fight this year. McLaren came away with their first win last year after nearly nine years. The Woking team has embarked on the restoration of their team, all with the aim of getting back on the winning track, which would mean a title fight.

In 2021, the British team managed what Ferrari has not done since 2019 - winning the race. McLaren was stalled by Brazil in 2012 (Jenson Button win), while the Italian team did not win since Singapore in 2019, when Sebastian Vettel won.

Ferrari and McLaren in 2021 showed an exciting duel for third place in the construction championship behind Mercedes and Red Bull in which the Maranello team emerged as the winner. The two historic teams want to catch up with these teams in 2022, thanks in part to the introduction of brand new racing cars.

However, the McLaren CEO does not want McLaren fans to have too much hope, so he told Gulf Business: “Of course it was nice to be able to win again in 2021. But at the same time we must be careful not to raise unrealistic expectations.

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Zack Brown's goals

Brown adds that he will not define his goals for winning more races, but he will stick to it. "Therefore, we will not define our goals as a desire to win two races. We will stick to that - returning to the top of Formula 1 is a long, difficult journey, and we want to reduce the difference to the best.

But I am convinced that we have a few more years to catch up. These are not processes that can be accelerated, "he explains. Many teams depend on the air tunnel and the simulator because all the teams in them do the necessary things to make the best possible car.

Brown knows this too, so he makes it clear that he will have to wait. "We are in a unique position that everyone had to build a new car from scratch. It was a difficult task for our people. But I don't think this transition to the new rules will allow us to win the title as early as 2022, "concluded Brown.

Of course, he is aware of the competition and how much Red Bull and Mercedes, as well as other teams, have an advantage over them. Still, it is certain that their team will work hard and prepare, and who knows, maybe suddenly at the end of the season