Fernando Alonso: "I feel strong and ready for 2022"

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Fernando Alonso: "I feel strong and ready for 2022"

Fernando Alonso says he feels strong and ready for the upcoming season. The Alpine driver assures that the first season with the new rules has always been his main goal, and after a year of return and adaptation, he is ready to start fighting new cars again.

The two-time world champion returned to the grid of the premier class last year, after a two-year absence, with the aim of better preparing for the new era of Formula 1. The Spanish driver already on his return showed an enviable performance with which he managed to reach the first podium after several years.

Alonso was heavily involved in his team’s victory. Alonso kept the seven-time world champion behind enough for his teammate to win the Hungarian Grand Prix, and he himself was very close to the podium in that race. He ended up in 4th place.

However, the Spanish driver won 84 points last season and finished 10th in the drivers ’standings. In addition, Alonso and Ocon with their constant results managed to beat AlphaTauri in the fight for 5th place in the constructors' championship.

Fernando Alonso on new rules

This season brings the most drastic rule change in the history of Formula 1, and Alonso and Alpine want to take advantage of that to return to the top. So far, the preparations have gone well and the Spaniard feels strong and ready for anything.

"I am happy to be back in Formula 1. I feel strong and ready for 2022, which was the main goal: to get into the new rules well. The previous season was good and I am happy about that, ”said Alonso. As for the development for 2022, Alonso claims that during the last season he did not pay much attention to his new car.

The Spaniard explains that at the beginning, they should have received a clear vision from the FIA ​​of what is allowed and what is not, considering that these were different rules from the previous ones they met. "Honestly, I was not too focused on the development of this year's car.

This was mostly a job for the designers and people who were in charge of the simulations. It was mostly a job for designers and people in charge of simulations. These new rules were very restrictive at the beginning, and we needed a lot of clarification, "he added.

"It was necessary to talk to the FIA ​​and have a clear view of what we can and cannot do. It is a new project, and it is also unknown to all (teams), ”concluded Fernando Alonso.