Mick Schumacher: "Driving a Ferrari is everyone’s dream"

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Mick Schumacher: "Driving a Ferrari is everyone’s dream"

Mick Schumacher admitted that his dream and the dream of all drivers is to race for Ferrari. The German continues with his goal of wearing a red jumpsuit in the future but notes that his main goal this year is to maximize Haas's potential and fight for points in every race.

The German driver is part of Ferrari's driving academy, and of all the drivers, the young German is the only one to compete in Formula 1. In addition to his ‘main’ role in the American team, Schumacher also got the role of reserve driver for the Maranello team for the 2022 season, which he will combine with Antonio Giovinazzi.

Mick notes that his dream is to become one of the two drivers behind the wheel of a Ferrari in the future - something his father had the opportunity to do. “In general, the dream for all drivers is to race for Ferrari, everyone would like to be there.

Still, my head is currently in Haas and I’m doing the best job possible for them. We hope to have a better car this year and to be able to get the most out of it in every race, ”Schumacher said in an interview with Crashnet.

The current driver of the American team did not have an ideal debut season, because the car was far behind rivals, so he did not have the opportunity to fight for points.

Mick Schumacher is confident

However, for this year Mick is confident that his team will take a step forward and thus be able to enter the fight among those drivers who win points.

"I would like to fight for points and have a little more pressure, even if it's a little harder to manage (with the car). I would prefer that they make things more difficult for me and that I can prove myself in that way."

"This year, I was not able to appear on television, and when I was in the spotlight, it was because something bad happened, ”he added. The German driver reminded that 2021 was a year of adaptation for him, in which both the drivers and the team were preparing to change the rules.

The German is optimistic for this season, and although he will have to wait until Bahrain to see if they have achieved what they set out to do, he believes they have done a good development job. "Since the beginning of the season, we knew what 2021 will bring, and that is why we focused on better preparations for this year.

We are convinced that we will be fighting for points every weekend, and I feel that we will be in a good position, ”he assures. "We will not know our real position until the first race in Bahrain, but we have improvements and we have developed the car well," concluded Mick Schumacher.