Christian Horner:It's none of our business whether Lewis Hamilton will continue in F1

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Christian Horner:It's none of our business whether Lewis Hamilton will continue in F1

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says they don't care if seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton continues his career in the premier class, but he hopes to be there. The driver of the Mercedes cut off all communication after the last race of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi, which decided who would win the title.

Hamilton had the eighth title in his hands a few laps before the end. However, an incident by Williams ’driver, which caused a safety car to come out on the track, turned things around. Verstappen immediately goes to the pits and changes the tires, while the Briton stays on the track.

Mercedes thought it would all end up under the SC. This did not happen because the safety car was withdrawn, and Max Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the restart of the last lap and thus came to victory and the title. But there were unresolved issues because Mercedes was unhappy with the way the FIA ​​racing director acted during the SC, as he allowed the independent deployment of a pair of cars.

The consequence of all that resulted in the FIA ​​launching an investigation into the controversial moves of Masi, which they will present on March 18. However, Hamilton's silence and non-appearance in the media from December 12 last year caused various rumors that he will no longer compete in Formula 1.

Horner, on the other hand, hopes the Mercedes driver will return to the grid in 2022, after praising him and Max Verstappen for being in "their league" during their title fight last season. "I definitely hope Lewis is here this year," Horner told World Is One News.

"He is still driving at an incredible level. The two drivers were in their league last year. "

Christian Horner on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

However, the head of the Austrian team emphasizes that only Hamilton can bring the continuation of the competition because it is his choice.

He emphasizes that they do not care what the British driver will do about it. "Ultimately, it's his choice," he added. "It's his career, it's his decision, so I'm sure he'll decide to do what's best for him (and) what he wants, and that's none of our business," he said.

Despite controversy over the way the title was decided, Horner believes last year’s title fight between Hamilton and Verstappen was good for the sport. "Sport is competition. When you have serial winners, it becomes less attractive, so I think the fact that there was a great rivalry between the teams, between the two drivers (was attractive).

(In) every race, there was very little choice between the two of them. " "It was a fantastic year. I think it was the best year Formula 1 had as a sport in thirty or 40 years, "concluded Christian Horner.