David Coulthard: "Title loss would have shocked Wolff more than Lewis Hamilton"

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David Coulthard: "Title loss would have shocked Wolff more than Lewis Hamilton"

David Coulthard says the loss of the title had a bigger impact on Mercedes boss Toto Wolff than on seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in the last race last year in Abu Dhabi. The British driver has not appeared in the media for more than a month and a half since the last race on the Yas Marina Bay track ended.

Hamilton was on the way to winning a record eighth title, but everything turned upside down. The incident, caused by Nicholas Latifi, allowed a safety car to enter the track. Verstappen, who was behind Hamilton, immediately went to the pits to put on fresh tires.

Mercedes remained silent on the matter because they thought it would all end up under the SC. Hamilton remained on the track and continued to drive behind the safety car. After returning, Verstappen returned behind a couple of cars and was thus at a disadvantage because he was not allowed to return behind the driver of the Mercedes.

Soon, the race director made the decision to return to 2nd place, and during that period he allowed a few more cars to deploy themselves. After withdrawing the SC from the track, the Dutch driver took advantage of the new tires, so he soon overtook Hamilton and came away with a victory, which marked the first title for Verstappen.

Mercedes is making moves to refute the race results, but the referees soon rejected both objections, so the result remained unchanged while the FIA ​​launched an investigation into the matter. Wolff and then Hamilton did not go to the FIA ​​Awards, which caused many doubts among many fans.

The head of the Silver Arrows addressed the media in a couple of statements in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lost title. Coulthard, on the other hand, believes the situation has become bigger than it really is and suspects Hamilton is just as upset about Abu Dhabi as some fans believe it is.

"I think Lewis will be bored with everyone saying: you were robbed Lewis or you are the national champion, Lewis. He will even avoid those talks, "said Coulthard, who will be on the British Race of Champions team in February.

Coulthard on Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

The former Formula 1 driver rules out the possibility that Hamilton will retire from Formula 1 because he assures that an important decision was made as early as 2021 when he decided to extend his cooperation with Mercedes.

"The big decision was when he committed to that new two-year contract in the middle of last season," he added. "Abu Dhabi will not change anything. Of course, I wish he had won. I think he was very sensitive, as anyone would be in those circumstances" " But I think the reality is that the shock was probably less for him than it would have been for Toto or the rest of the team or their fans, "he said.

David explains, from his driving experience, that they have been taught that enthusiasm for success and disappointment for failure is a passing emotion, and he is of the opinion that Hamilton felt that way. "I can't compare myself to Lewis in terms of success or speed, but one aspect I see is emotional separation after the moment happens."

"The euphoria of success disappears pretty quickly, and the disappointment of defeat also disappears pretty quickly," concluded David Coulthard. Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton are certainly motivated for next season