Ferrari announces a brand new engine in 2021

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Ferrari announces a brand new engine in 2021

Ferrari will bring a small package of improvements to the next race in Russia that should continue aerodynamic development in the right direction, but team boss Mattia Binotto warns that this will not solve the problem of excessive tire consumption until a brand new engine arrives next year.

After two very tough races in Belgium and Italy, where Ferrari’s biggest weaknesses the SF1000 were heavily exposed thanks to numerous routes, Ferrari was more competitive at the winding Mugello where Leclerc qualified behind two Mercedes and two Red Bulls and finished eighth in the race.

But Ferrari is worried about excessive tire consumption, which has led to Leclerc's gradual decline through the ranks, which will not be possible to solve in the short term, Binotto admits. Ferrari for Russia, which puts a lot of emphasis on engine power due to a lot of acceleration from slow turns and two long directions, brings several minor improvements, on the track where Leclerc won the pole position last year with a half-second advantage.

"We are making minor improvements, but it will not change the bigger picture," Binotto said ahead of Russia, as quoted by scuderiafans "I think we're lacking speed in the race at the moment and we're consuming too much tires."

"These improvements are not the ones that will solve it. I think we need to reconsider our development projects and look at 2021. ” "I think we'll need more time for that."

The new engine will be waiting for us in 2021

Due to the large loss of engine power that Ferrari has experienced this year due to the introduction of an additional fuel flow sensor, the Italian team is preparing a ‘brand new engine’ for 2021 that should reduce the gap behind Mercedes.Expectations from the new engine will be high because it is necessary for Ferrari to return to where it belongs But chassis development will be very limited with additional restrictions around flooring design that should reduce overall downforce by about 10%.

“The next car will be a necessary evolution of the current one due to limitations in the rules,” Binotto said. "But there are certain opportunities." "The engine will be brand new, it's been spinning on the test bench for months and we're counting on it."

"And these days, important aerodynamic changes have been voted on, especially at the rear end. It's an opportunity that can be seized. "