Ferrari is preparing a revolution next season; Car in the title race !?

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Ferrari is preparing a revolution next season; Car in the title race !?

The Ferrari team is optimistic that they did a good job with the new car for 2022, and British Sky F1 reporters Ted Kravitz and Karun Chandhok point out that the Italian team is in a good mood waiting for the start of the new season.

The new F1 season 2022 will bring with it a big change in technical and sports regulations, which will start a new era of Formula 1. A big change in the rules offers an opportunity to significantly change the strong order, and Ferrari, years due to problems with the performance of the propulsion unit fell in the middle of the order.

However, Ferrari will now have a great opportunity and will try to use it. Many teams will be equal Ferrari has made great efforts in the past two years to develop a new power unit for 2022, and rumors say that they and Alpine did best with the transition to the new E10 fuel and managed to cancel the loss of performance.

Optimistic information from Ferrari’s camp comes from Sky F1 TV duo Ted Kravitz and Karun Chandhok, who say Ferrari is ‘very optimistic’ because they believe they did a good job with the new engine and car.

Ferrari is obviously planning to make a big revolution this season, and they want to fight for the very top, and maybe even for the title.

Kravitz on Ferrari's work

They are working hard, they are focused, and it seems that it will not be easy for their opponents next season "I hear a lot of positive things from Ferrari.

The engine is progressing well, and they tell me that the car looks much more aggressive than it has been than all the Ferraris we have seen in the last two or three years, "Kravitz wrote. Over the past year, Ferrari has been working in parallel on several projects related to the power unit, and they have reportedly chosen the most radical concept, which should bring them the greatest progress.

Chandhok claims Ferrari's new engine looks promising: The most important thing in the team is optimism, and we will see if what they intended will succeed in the end. "I spoke to their people shortly before Christmas and they were very optimistic because they believe they have made great progress with the drive unit."

Next season will be very exciting, and expectations are high. Will it be a dream season for Ferrari? The team is totally focused and they have what is most important - team spirit and teamwork