Romain Grosjean believes Michael Masi made the right decision

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Romain Grosjean believes Michael Masi made the right decision

Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean says FIA Formula One racing director Michael Masi "made the right decision" when he restarted the race in Abu Dhabi a lap before the end. This decision caused great controversy and led the FIA ​​to launch an investigation into whether Massi made the right decision to continue the race in the last lap.

Grosjean was asked what he thought about this incident and said that he ‘liked’ the way Massi acted. "I liked it. It was exciting. My heart was pounding like crazy. There are several angles from which this must be viewed.

It would be very strange if these cars did not return to the same lap with the leaders; Lewis in first place - and Max four cars behind him, a lap until the end of the season." "On the other hand, for Lewis, it was definitely not a great decision.

But as a TV fan, as a viewer, when it comes to sports, I think Michael Masi made the right decision, "said Grosjean. "I don't think it would be nice if the championship ended behind a safety car. It would not be nice if the 1st and 2nd were separated by a pair of cars."

"I leaned more towards Lewis ’side, so I was of the opinion that Lewis lost the title there. In the last part of the season, Mercedes did an amazing job, but it was very good that the two of them were next to each other, "explains the Frenchman.

Grosjean believes Max Verstappen deserves a title

Although Grosjean says Lewis Hamilton deserved the title because of his ride in Abu Dhabi, he pointed out that Max Verstappen also deservedly won the title. "I think that the concept that the championship was summed up in that one lao is wrong.

When we look at the whole season — Max had a flat tire in Baku, Bottas crashed into him in Hungary, then we have that race in Silverstone." However, just like most, he believes that Max Verstappen deserved the title more "When we look at how many points Max Verstappen lost, not through his own fault — he's the one who deserved to win the title more."

"Watching just the race in Abu Dhabi, Lewis deserved the title more. He had no luck in the last lap. But as a fan, I enjoyed that last lap, it was very exciting to watch, "concluded Grosjean.