Toto Wolff: "Lewis Hamilton’s departure would be an ‘indictment’ for F1"

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Toto Wolff: "Lewis Hamilton’s departure would be an ‘indictment’ for F1"

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that if seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton withdrew from further competition, it would be an indictment for Formula 1. The Briton cut off all media statements after the controversy that took place in the last race of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi, so there is a lot of controversy about his continuation with his career in the premier class.

Hamilton and Verstappen entered the last race to equalize in points, but the Dutchman had one more victory, so the driver of the Mercedes was satisfied only with a victory over his biggest rival. The seven-time champion was on his way to victory, but it all turned around after an incident by Latifi that sparked a safety car.

Verstappen and Red Bull immediately take advantage of this situation and go for a tire change. Hamilton and Mercedes did not react to this development of the situation because they thought that the race would end under the SC, which would suit them because their driver would then be behind Verstappen.

The controversy, however, arose when FIA racing director Michael Masi allowed several cars to return to their previous positions, one of which was the new world champion, before pulling the SC off the track and allowing only the last one to be driven After that, Verstappen overtook Hamilton in turn 5 - which resulted in a victory and winning the title.

However, Mercedes immediately filed two protests, which were soon rejected. Hamilton made a brief statement after the race, after which he did not appear at the FIA ​​awards ceremony together with the head of Mercedes, nor did he respond to messages from the new FIA president, Mohhamed Ben Sulayem.

Wolff on Hamilton

Wolff isn’t sure if we’ll see Hamilton in Formula 1 again, but if he does leave, then in those circumstances he makes it clear that the premier class is to blame for such a decision. "I really hope we see him again.

He is the most important part of our sport, ”Wolff said in an interview with Krone. "It would be an indictment for the whole of Formula 1 if the best driver decided to give up because of outrageous decisions," he added.

An investigation into the events in Abu Dhabi is ongoing, but the final report is expected on March 18, the day of the opening of free practice for the first racing weekend of the 2022 season in Bahrain. The head of the Silver Arrows claims that he will meet with Hamilton before that, and their next meeting is scheduled for March.

Asked when he would see Hamilton in person, he replied: "In March at the latest - and I will definitely not drink tequila. I've had enough of Abu Dhabi. " However, the Austrian made it known that the team will also never get over what happened on the Yas Marina track.

"It will never be forgotten because what happened to Lewis is simply wrong," he says. "He was invincible that day until the judges burned the fuse and decided (three) for three violations of the rules. It's hard to understand.

" “He will always stay with us, even though Max Verstappen is a worthy world champion during the season. But that day one was better than the other and did not win. " Wolff and Hailton must be disappointed