Martin Brundle: "Changing Michael Masi will not solve the problem"

"This is too big a job for one person to handle in a 23-race season"

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Brundle: "Changing Michael Masi will not solve the problem"

Former Formula One driver Martin Brundle says removing the FIA ​​racing director from his duty will not solve major concerns about the integrity of the World Championship. Massi has come under fire because of the safety car in the last race of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi.

He decided to pull the SC off the track and leave only one lap to finish the race. The Australian had previously made another strange decision when Hamilton overtook Verstappen at the start and the Dutchman soon tried to regain position.

However, the driver of the Mercedes kept the leading position even though he cut the bend. It stated that Hamilton had lost enough time and should not have returned the position to Verstappen. Towards the end of the race, Masi had his own opinion about the cars that came to their previous positions by going to the pits, although at first, he did not allow it.

Verstappen and a couple of other cars were allowed to return to their previous positions. After the safety car was pulled off the track, the Dutch driver was in the lead because of the new tires, while Hamilton was on the old set - over 40 laps - Verstappen soon attacked Hamilton and came to the first title.

Mercedes did not like such actions, so they intended to appeal the outcome of the race in Abu Dhabi, as their protest after the race regarding the safety car procedure was rejected, but subsequently decided to withdraw the appeal after the FIA ​​launched an internal audit.

Hamilton, on the other hand, has not spoken about his future since a brief interview immediately after the race, and the Mercedes boss revealed last month that both he and Hamilton were "disappointed" in Formula One.

Brundle on Masi

The FIA ​​issued its first statement on Thursday following the appointment of Mohammed Ben Sulayem as president, saying their analysis of what happened in Abu Dhabi would include a focus on using a safety car.

Amid speculation about Masi’s future, the former driver and expert commentator for Sky F1 believes his removal will not solve the problems the premier class is facing. "What I absolutely know for sure is that changing Michael Masi will not solve the problem," Brundle said.

"This is too big a job for one person to handle in a 23-race season, it's just going to grow." “At a time of 16-18 races for Charlie (Whiting, Massey’s predecessor) and Herbie (Blash, Whiting’s assistant), Charlie knew how to start a race, and Herbie was actually the race director until Charlie came back from the starting podium down near the grid .

" "They had everything under control, but (it) just grows exponentially, so Massi, if he stays, needs a lot of support around him and I guess that's what they're looking at right now." Brundle added that Masi "has only one life left" if both he and the FIA ​​want the Australian to stay. "Therefore, I do not know if it is sustainable," concluded Martin Brundle.

Martin Brundle