Marcin Budkowski decides to leave the Alpine team

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Marcin Budkowski decides to leave the Alpine team

Marcin Budkowski has left his position as CEO of Alpine. The Pole has said goodbye to the team from Enstone after four seasons, and for now, Laurent Rossi will take over the position and lead the team's preparations for 2022.

Budkowski arrived in Renault in 2018, after working in the FIA’s technical department for three years. The Pole took over the executive management role of the French powertrain manufacturer and continued in that position when the team was renamed Alpine.

Budkowski's time in Enstone ended on January 13 (today), and Marcin said goodbye to Alpine. The executive director of the French manufacturer, Laurent Rossi, will temporarily take over his position and will lead the team's preparations for the new era of Formula 1, which starts with the first pre-season tests in just over six weeks.

Budkowski admits that he has enjoyed Renault over the past four seasons, and after leaving Alpine he assures that he will continue to closely monitor the team's progress in the 2022 season and beyond. “I truly enjoyed being part of the leadership team of Renault then Alpine F1 Team, working with such a talented and dedicated group of people."

- Budkowski said, as quoted by formula1

Marcin Budkowski statement

Although he will not be present in the team, Marcin Budkowski will continue to monitor his team and watch their progress. It is clear that he did his best during the previous years, and we will see how his former team will cope in the new season.

“I will be watching the team’s progress fondly in the seasons to come”. ”Budkowski said in an official statement. On the other hand, Rossi also wanted to thank Budkowski for his work since April 2018.

In addition, the French manager notes that this departure did not affect the team, as they remain focused on the first race starting from Bahrain on March 18th. Marcin Budkowski has been a great help to his team all these years and has shown leadership and ability in many moments.

However, the time has come to say goodbye, and Rossi says that the team will now focus on the future and on improving the car. “I would like to thank Marcin Budkowski for his commitment and contribution to the team’s results over the last four years.

“The team is fully focused on getting the car ready for the first race in Bahrain and deliver a step beyond in performance”.
concluded Rossi. Marcin Budkowski obviously has some plans, and Alpine has yet to prepare for the new season