Toto Wolff exclusively: "These are difficult months, I had mental problems."

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Toto Wolff exclusively: "These are difficult months, I had mental problems."

In an interview with FAZ, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff spoke openly about the difficult phase he found himself in: The Austrian admits he felt burnt out. For the head of Silver Arrows, the 2020 season was a difficult year. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Wolff was listless, disoriented, without motivation.

The situation, the time that is still "present" today, as he says very honestly: "It was ten months that were quite difficult for me - also mentally (problem). I felt burnt out. In addition, my contract would expire and I could sell my shares, ”says Wolff.

All this has led to a crisis: does Wolff want to stay in Formula 1? Can he continue to contribute? Or could someone else do a better job? "I've been thinking about it for almost a year, although 'thinking about it' is still a more positive expression.

It was already a big introspection, also because of the pressure of suffering I was feeling." "In the end, I opted for Mercedes and Formula 1. This is where I found myself, ”he explains. For the Silver Arrows boss, a hard calendar of 22 races in 2021 and 23 races in 2022 presents a challenge.

"You can still function in the anaerobic (high-intensity oxygen inhalation) zone," Wolff continues, "but if you've been in that zone for months and years, at some point your body and head will tell you: we're not together anymore!" In his case, there were these warning signs, but the Austrian ignored them "because it was a sporting and financial success.

For a while, I didn't look positive at all. "

Toto Wolff on money and his children

Money played a very big role in his life “because there was too little of it when I was a kid and a teenager,” he added.

"But the more my own financial situation improves, more money drives me less." Instead, he personally takes care of his children, because they also suffered - from the pandemic and its consequences. “My son finished high school in the year of the corona pandemic, so every party and every trip was canceled.

My daughter is just finishing high school, and of course, these children's important years have been stolen. " "At a time when it comes to gaining experience, building relationships, these children had to sit at home.

This has been a silent ordeal and we will only be able to better assess the social and emotional consequences in many years to come. ” "We are not out of this yet, but I hope that these scars will heal as well. It is difficult to give advice, at the moment I feel more helpless in this matter, which I felt as a child."

"But as an adult you are able to respond. I am no longer helpless, I am doing what I think is right, ”concluded Toto Wolff.