Matia Binotto supports Michael Masi

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Matia Binotto supports Michael Masi

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto sided with FIA racing director Michael Masi over his performance at the controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, saying he had "the toughest job on the planet" at the time. Masi found himself under fire from critics after he pulled a safety car off the track and allowed only one final lap of the race to be driven in which the champion decided.

During the SC period, he allowed only a couple of drivers to return to their positions, specifically the cars found between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The Red Bull driver took advantage of the safety car period as he went to the pits and put on new tires while Hamilton stayed further on the track.

Mercedes thought the race would end under the SC because something like that would suit them because of the old tires their driver had. But, Masi pulled the safety car, so there was only one lap left until the end. Max Verstappen used this move in the best way because he overtook Hamilton and reached the title.

Matia Binotto thinks it was an extremely difficult situation

The Ferrari boss claims that the racing director was in an extremely difficult situation since the fight for the title reached its peak, and he knew that this would result in an unfortunate situation for one of the two teams.

"Whatever decision he makes, as a (racing) director, someone will be happy, someone will be unhappy. His job was certainly the hardest job on the planet at the time, ”Binotto said. Despite his comments and adding that he would be "wrong" to condemn Massi's decision, the Italian chief of staff is pleased with the decision to draw lessons from the situation as the FIA ​​examines Abu Dhabi in detail.

"It's important for everyone to learn lessons if there are any," Binotto continued. "I think it will happen in the Formula 1 commission, where events and situations will be discussed and whether there are any improvements we can make for the future."

"It is the mandate of the World Council, which is the most important. As Ferrari, we are very happy to be able to sit down with all the other team bosses, FIA, F1, (to) talk about whether something could have been done differently.

” "But still, I think it would be wrong for me to judge the decisions because again I believe it was a very difficult decision. There are real reasons why they managed in such a way. Maybe something different could have been done: it's hard to judge. "