Bernie Ecclestone: "Sebastian Vettel should return to Red Bull"

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Bernie Ecclestone: "Sebastian Vettel should return to Red Bull"

Bernie Ecclestone thinks it would be best for Sebastian Vettel to return to Red Bull in 2023. The Briton notes that at this moment it is difficult to know whether the four-time champion is as fast as in previous years because Aston Martin did not have a competitive car.

The German combined with Red Bull achieved one of the most dominant years in the recent history of Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel and the Austrian team won four titles in a row in the period 2010-2013, two of which are in grand style.

However, when the hybrid era emerged, that dominance soon disappeared and Sebastian Vettel left the team. After a disappointing 2014, the German driver said ‘goodbye’ to Red Bull and headed to Ferrari, where he ultimately failed to meet his goals.

Former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone believes that Sebastian Vettel should return to the team with which he has achieved great success in the past decade because that way everyone would know whether he is still fast or his time in Formula 1 has passed.

"Sebastian Vettel should return to Red Bull. Keep in mind, we don't know how fast he is at the moment because he is not in a competitive car, so it's not easy to know if he is as fast as a few years ago, ”Ecclestone said in an interview with Sport1.

Sebastian Vettel's Retirement

As for retirement, Ecclestone argues that Sebastian Vettel should say ‘goodbye’ when he feels the time is right for it, both physically and mentally. The Briton does not believe that some former drivers have rightly argued that retirement would be best for him.

“Withdrawal should come at a time when he really feels that way, even though they shouldn’t have told him he should retire,” Ecclestone concluded. Sebastian Vettel won just 43 points in his first season for Aston Martin, but he added the first podium for this team since competing under this name.

He finished the season in 12th place. It is certain that Sebastian Vettel is still a top driver and that he can achieve a lot, but Aston Martin could not match Red Bull and Mercedes this season, but also many others. Sebastian Vettel has shown this season that he still has what he needs, but he can hardly be on the big team again.

Still, his successes from a few years ago are enough, and it can be said that he is very much one of the legends of F1