Stefano Domenicali: "Max Verstappen deserves the title"

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Stefano Domenicali: "Max Verstappen deserves the title"

Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali says Max Verstappen deserved to win the title because he was constantly driving at the border, and he hopes to see other drivers fighting for the title this season. Max Verstappen's and Hamilton's constant fight in the 2021 season helped make it one of the best Formula 1 seasons of all time, and with the introduction of new cars that will try to bring the grid closer, there is hope that the title fight could include drivers from several teams this year.

While he enjoyed how it went last season, the former Ferrari boss wants the level of talent that exists on the grid to show for racing wins (with a good car, of course). "Of course, I hope that the duel will continue," Domenicali told

"But I also hope that other drivers can get involved in the title fight," he added. "We currently have so many young and talented drivers: the grid is extremely strong. That is why the focus at the moment is on whether the new cars will enable more drivers to fight with them for victories and the title.


Stefano Domenicali on Max Verstappen

Domenicali added that he was curious to see Max Verstappen return to the grid in Bahrain as the current world champion and the change in status and mentality that could come with it - now that he has achieved his "dream" in Formula 1.

"Every driver is unique," the Italian continued. “Max has made tremendous progress in the last few years. In 2021, he was constantly driving at the border. That's why I think he deserves the title. " "I am curious to see him in his new situation as the current champion.

He made his dream come true. I wonder how he will behave in 2022. " Looking back on the season as a whole, Stefano Domenicali praised the way the sport managed to merge the 22-race calendar, but even more so given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

"I'm very satisfied. Formula 1 has faced certain challenges due to the pandemic. Now it’s easy to look back at the amazing championship. But to finish 22 races under these conditions, it was a mammoth task for everyone involved.

"But we were rewarded: the interest was great thanks to the exciting fight between Lewis and Max." Max Verstappen will continue with the same goals next season, and we will see if Domenicali and others will watch the same people at the top again