Nico Rosberg: "Decisions in Abu Dhabi are 1-1"

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Nico Rosberg: "Decisions in Abu Dhabi are 1-1"

Former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg says the controversial decisions made by the FIA's racing director were 1-1 between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The main topic of deciding on the title for the 2021 season was the departure of SC, in which before the last lap of the race only a couple of cars could come to their previous positions, and one of them is the new champion.

Lewis Hamilton controlled most of the race, but Max Verstappen changed his tires under the SC, so he managed to take advantage of that and overtake Hamilton in the final lap - which meant winning his first career title. Mercedes immediately filed two protests, which were immediately rejected, and race director Michael Masi ignored the provisions in the sports regulations, which say that all cars must pass a safety car if such an order is issued.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, did not appear in the media, except for a brief statement he made after the race. Rosberg, who defeated Hamilton in the 2016 title fight while they were teammates at Mercedes, said earlier that he sympathizes with Hamilton over the way he lost the title.

But, when he looked at the video again, the moment of the very beginning of the race caught his eye. Max Verstappen started from the pole position, but Hamilton immediately overtook his biggest rival at the start. The Red Bull driver then tried to regain position, but the Briton cut the corner and retained the lead.

The judges did not investigate this case because they believed that if Hamilton had the advantage, he returned the advantage by going off the track.

Nico Rosberg on the incident

Rosberg touched on this unsolved incident and believes that the two incidents annulled each other.

"I said it was good what (the judges) did in the incident at the start of the race, but I actually think it went to Lewis' advantage and he should have let it go," Rosberg told Sky F1. "So it's really 1-1 in terms of fundamental decisions during the race, so I think that's fine," he added.

1996 world champion Damon Hill also pointed out that Red Bull gambled with Verstappen's move for new tires under the SC, while Mercedes kept Hamilton on track, so he believes Red Bull must have been credited for the decision to win the title.

"There are other things that have happened, you have to remember that there were (periods) of safety cars: Red Bull gambled, they went to pit both times and under virtual and (under) real SC, He explains. "They gambled, it could have gone against them, but it didn't.

They were people who gambled. Mercedes has remained conservative and, to their chagrin, they have been hit by a very unexpected sudden change of mind about how to relaunch this race. " "But Red Bull has taken all the risks."