Fernando Alonso reveales his biggest difficulty!

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Fernando Alonso reveales his biggest difficulty!

Fernando Alonso has disappeared from the F1 scene for almost two years. He wanted to try other motorsports, but still, F1 seems to be his greatest love. He is happy for the opportunity to be an F1 driver as it is not easy to achieve “On-track and off-track, I did enjoy the time with the team, and in this comeback, I was super happy,” Alonso said, as quoted by motorsport “I had the luxury to come back to the sport when I decided.

When I decided, I stopped. When I decided, I came back. This is a very high luxury. “Normally it is a very small group of drivers that can drive in Formula 1, and it’s not easy to have these kind of possibilities. I felt thankful for this.

“And also the way that the season has been for me, from improving every time and finishing very strong, it was the best way to prepare for 2022”.

Fernando Alonso's biggest problems

Fernando Alonso is also the most experienced driver in F1 and has been there for many years (not counting the break).

His experience could be decisive in the next season, but also the skills he has despite his age. Still, he faced some problems this season and Alonso reveals what was the biggest problem for him “The biggest challenge was probably the front tyres and the philosophy that every team has in terms of front suspension, front power steering, feedback that you get on the steering wheel,” Alonso said.

“That’s obviously very unique for each of the teams. And the front tyre construction did change from 2020 to 2021, and that was a challenge, I think, for everybody. It is not easy to return to the F1 track after a couple of years of absence, but Fernando Alonso did great and his team, although it does not have such a competitive car, showed that they have a strong driving lineup.

“But it was a challenge apparently for the people that changed teams, we saw at the beginning of the year, and for me as well, because I was two years out of the sport. “The most rewarding moments were for sure the highs, and the moments that we performed a little bit better.

Obviously the victory from Esteban in Hungary, that was the best moment for us as a team. “My podium in Qatar was obviously a very nice feeling”. We can only expect better performances from Fernando Alonso in the next season