Sergio Perez: "I want to fight for the title"

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Sergio Perez: "I want to fight for the title"

Sergio Perez says he wants to fight for the title in the upcoming season because he knows that new rules are coming in which there will be new cars and where all drivers are starting from zero. The Mexican replaced Alexander Albon at Red Bull in the 2021 season, and was of great help to his teammate Max Verstappen to win the title - something the Dutchman thanked him for, calling him "defense minister"

However, Sergio Perez certainly does not lack experience because he has been on the premier grid since 2011, and by joining the Austrian team, according to his own admission, it took him some time to adjust to a different environment from what he was used to.

But now he wants a title fight. What Red Bull will think about it is another matter, as Max Verstappen is their main driver who ended seven years of Mercedes domination by defeating Lewis Hamilton in the title fight in Abu Dhabi, a race that has had a lot of controversies.

"Next season I want to be in the title fight," Sergio Perez told The Edge podcast. "We are starting with new rules, with new cars: we are all starting from zero, so the most important thing for me is to get there," he added.

The start of the 2022 season will be vital if the Mexican driver has any chance of finding himself in the title fight. Checo can’t afford to lose a connection at the start if he really wants to be on that track.

Sergio Perez wants to be the world champion

Still, Sergio Perez explains that he is in Red Bull to be the world champion because he believes in himself.

On the other hand, he thanks the Austrian team for believing in him in the way they extended his contract. “I am here because I fully believe that I can be a world champion and because I enjoy working with my team. I am very grateful to Red Bull for extending my contract, ”he insists.

“I really enjoy working with the team, with this group of people, with the engineers, the Red Bull culture, the brand itself. Red Bull is a big brand. ” “There’s a lot of work compared to what I’m used to on other teams, but I really feel a big part in that.

I work great with Max, with the racing engineers: in general, with the whole team. ” "The most important thing for me at this stage of my career is to enjoy it. The time I don't enjoy is when I have to go home, ”concluded Sergio Perez. Sergio Perez obviously has the biggest goals