Sounds unbelievably: 'Wolf' will protect Red Bull?

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Sounds unbelievably: 'Wolf' will protect Red Bull?

You may have thought that Totto Wolf teaming up with Red Bull is the last thing that will happen… but it will actually happen. The security company will protect the Austrian team from this season. Toto, with an extra ‘f’ at the end of the last name, was Red Bull’s main opponent during the 2021 season when the Mercedes boss and his rival Christian Horner clashed on several occasions.

However, the Milton Keynes-based team has clearly not turned down a name in taking on a new partner who, in their own words, will "protect" the team from 2022 onwards. Toto Wolf protects Red Bull, who would have thought? Of course, that’s just the name, and the Austrian team is very happy to team up with Arctic Wolf, who will be their partner in cybersecurity to improve their data protection.

"Security Leader: Arctic Wolf will be protecting the team from 2022," reads Red Bull's announcement of the collaboration. "Modern Formula 1 is driven by data almost as much as amazing athletes behind the wheel," Horner said.

"With the wealth of information generated in the creation of the Red Bull car and sent from the track to the factory, it is crucial to protect the competitive advantage we strive for so much every day." "Our partnership with Arctic Wolf will further improve our cyber security operations and protect our data."

Dan Larson (Wolf director) on Red Bull

Dan Larson, Marketing Director of Arctic Wolf, added: "There are few companies that are as high octane as Red Bull Racing, and the racing team personifies the excitement and speed of its globally powerful brand."

"Formula 1 racing is an incredibly complex operation, much like cyber security, and every element of the operation must be tuned and integrated for top performance." "We are confident that Arctic Wolf and our operational approach to cybersecurity will help Red Bull end cyber risk."

The U.S. company will implement its cybersecurity products that define a category in the team’s existing technology and security infrastructure. By equipping the team’s existing infrastructure with its platform, Arctic Wolf will help ensure that the critical data and operations required for Red Bull to succeed on and off the track are always protected.

The activity of the system and the network will certainly be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, reducing the potential exposure to computer systems in the factory, air, on the track, and all around it. Wolf and Red Bull want to get to the top!