George Russell on Lewis Hamilton: "We have to help each other"

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George Russell on Lewis Hamilton: "We have to help each other"

Mercedes driver George Russell says seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and he must help each other as cars will be constantly evolving and it is essential to have the fastest car of the season. The Briton finally got his dream to sit behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

This move by the German team has been expected for a long time. George Russell was already on the first team in 2020 when he replaced the positive Lewis Hamilton at the Sakhir Grand Prix. George Russell has already proved that he is capable of being in the top team.

With his performances on that racing weekend, he clearly showed how much he can do when he has a dominant car. The incredible stupidity in the Mercedes garage cost him his first victories. On the other hand, George Russell will be a teammate of Lewis Hamilton this year, who has not talked in the media since the Abu Dhabi GP, with whom he wants to continue the winning streak of the German team.


Speaking for the F1 Nation podcast, the young Briton talked about what he expects from his relationship with his new teammate for 2022. "There's a lot of respect between me and Lewis," George Russell said.

"I think we are in very different phases of our career. Lewis is the driver he is for a reason - he is the greatest of all time. " "We have to help each other because cars will simply evolve so much: race after race," he adds.

"It's not about who has the fastest car in the race, but who has the fastest car all season." “(A) as drivers, we have to work together with the team to move us forward as one, and that will be crucial,” George Russell is clear.

Williams boss Jost Capito recently said George Russell has a desire to make the team the best it can be because he puts pressure on the team in a positive way. "If he wants to do something on the car, he really stands for it, and if he wants to do something on the team, he puts pressure, but always in a very positive way," said Capito.

"I have never heard a bad word from him all year, and he was still very direct in what he wants and what he expects. I think that's a fantastic attitude from George. " It is clear that George Russell has serious plans for next season