Who is Angela Cullen, Lewis Hamilton’s right-hand woman?

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Who is Angela Cullen, Lewis Hamilton’s right-hand woman?

Lewis Hamilton trusts Toto Wolff. He believes in Peter Bonnington - Bon the racing engineer, the people in the garage, the pits, as you like, but one person in this society is indispensable. The blonde who gives a bottle of drink after the race and the watch that Lewis puts on her hand.

Probably many are wondering who she is? What is her role in the world of Lewis Hamilton and his team? Her name is Angela Cullen and she is officially a Lewis Hamilton physiotherapist, but she is much more than that. In fact, Cullen takes care of Lewis, she is the person for everything in his life.

She is the one who knows when the Briton woke up and how much he slept. What he had for breakfast, lunch, who to meet, to hang out with. "People may not understand it, but she is the best thing that could have happened to me.

She is the most important woman in my environment." "Always positive, never negative, which is very important. Being surrounded by people who think that way," says the seven-time world champion. Lewis Hamilton had many injuries and physiotherapists did not know how to find the answer to what was the reason.

"Eventually I made contact with Angela and things started to change. We worked briefly and I just realized we were going to work great together," Lewis adds. And who exactly is Angela Cullen, one of the most important women in the world of Formula 1? Versatile athlete Angela was born on August 5, 1974, in Davenport, Auckland, New Zealand.

At school, she played most sports, including football, cricket, basketball, and swimming. However, her first choice later was field hockey. After graduating from high school, Angela enrolled at the University of Technology.

Angela Cullen and London

She soon graduated in physiotherapy, among other things, so she settled in London. "I loved challenges, I loved getting the best out of myself. At school I loved math, science, physiology, anatomy, and physics ...

That's how I got my degree in health sciences and physiotherapy." "It combined my love of science and passion for sports and an interest in physical performance. My first job in private practice was working near Crystal Palace in London, a British hive of world-class athletes."

"It was a great opportunity for me, "the New Zealander will say. She started working with British athletes, especially sprinters who achieved good results at the 2004 Olympics. She then decided on an adventure, two years later.

She decided to cycle from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, all the way to the top of Colombia. "Since it was before smartphones and before the time of GPS, we used one topographic map of the whole of South America to guide us 1,500 kilometers along the continent."

"We crossed the Andes 14 times cycling at altitudes of 5,000 meters, we crossed the Atacama Desert and the salt waters of Bolivia. Five times we were forced to drive more than 250 kilometers in one day in search of food and water, "Angela recalls. Obviously Angela Cullen has something and it’s clear why Lewis Hamilton respects her