Sergio Perez reveals his biggest flaw this season!

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Sergio Perez reveals his biggest flaw this season!

Sergio Perez lagged significantly behind his team-mate for most of the season, but the impression remained that he did a better job than his predecessors. Sergio Perez says he simply had to raise his driving level with the super-fast Verstappen.

Sergio Perez made a "transfer" from Racing Point to Red Bull a little over a year ago and finished his first season in the ranks of the "Bulls" in fourth place in the overall standings. Red Bull missed the constructors' title, but with Max Verstappen, they won the driver's championship, and it should be admitted that Sergio Perezcontributed at certain moments.

Looking at the statistics, one can clearly see the huge difference between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Max Verstappen has won ten times and won the title, and Sergio Perez only once at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. The Dutchman also had ten pole positions, Sergio Perez none, and the point ratio at the end of the season was 395.5 versus 190.

About his first season at Red Bull, Sergio Perez says: “It was very intense. Extremely intense. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes, there is a lot of pressure. When you’re in Red Bull, the pressure is there and everyone is watching you.

They watch what you do and it's much harder to be a Red Bull driver, which is understandable. " “It wasn’t easy, but it took me to a higher level. Having Max Verstappen for a teammate really pushes you to a level above.

I really enjoy this moment of my career. I am very happy and that is the most important thing. "

Sergio Perez on Max Verstappen

Analyzing the ride of his colleague, the new world champion, Sergio Perez will say that Max Verstappen is powerful in all areas.

"He is really good. He really is one with the car. Very good in qualifying, really good in racing. He is very complete, experienced. I mean, the season he did, I think it’s for the legends. It's really impressive and deserves a lot of praise.

" “Honestly, [Max Verstappen's title] means a lot to me because Max Verstappen has been a great teammate to me since day one. The team was fantastic towards me and I was able to support my teammate. I'm happy for everyone, it's a pity we didn't win the constructors' title in the end.

" “I think the main thing I missed was that consistency and to be 100 percent connected to the car all the time. I need to improve for next season. I hope that we will all be able to move forward, "Sergio Perez said It is clear that without Sergio Perez, Red Bull would not have won the title in the last race