Mick Schumacher reveals the greatest lesson he learned last year!

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Mick Schumacher reveals the greatest lesson he learned last year!

Mick Schumacher looked back on his debut season and chose what he believes is the biggest lesson he learned during 2021. The first year on the grid of the premier class for Mick Schumacher may not have brought any reward in terms of points, but he believes his first year in Formula 1 proved extremely instructive as he and Haas prepare for a new era of fastest octane sport.

Coming to F1 as a Formula 2 champion, Mick Schumacher had a changeable season with several significant results but generally proved to be better than his teammate, while at certain moments Latifi was his target. Asked to look back on his year and single out the greatest lesson learned, Mick Schumacher pointed to the unique nature of Pirelli tires.

"I think that's probably how (should) work with tires. Obviously, tires (have) a very special and specific way of handling them. You have a very small framework and if you fall out of it, it's pretty bad. " "It's something I'm used to, and the team helped me a lot from that side.

Therefore, now I feel very comfortable on that side, ”Mick Schumacher explains.

Mick Schumacher first season

Mick Schumacher then touched on his ups and downs during his first season in Formula 1, and a special moment was when he battled Max Verstappen at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“I think everything was fine for my first season; I had a few good moments, ”he continued. "I was able to fight Max (Verstappen) in Budapest, and I entered Q2 on merit in Turkey - which was great." “So I had some ups and downs, but we had some downs that I learned a lot from, and I think that’s what we can exempt from this year.

I hope I'm ready enough for the challenge that comes next year. " Since Haas proved to be an extremely uncomfortable car to drive, with no upgrades during the year, Mick Schumacher explained that his season was anything but easy.

“Obviously I got the best out of it or got the best out of it. The only reference I really had was my teammate, and from that side, I was pretty sure. I tried to push closer to Williams. " "I think I have reduced the gap by the end of this year.

We’re closer to Alpha (Romeo), closer to Williams, and that’s something we really didn’t expect this year. So, in general, we are quite happy with that, ”Mick Schumacher concluded. Mick Schumacher has shown that he obviously has the talent he inherited from his father, but he needs a much stronger F1 car