Max Verstappen surprised the public with a statement about Sergio Perez

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Max Verstappen surprised the public with a statement about Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen called his teammate Sergio Perez "Minister of Defense" after he stopped Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on several occasions. Sergio Perez found himself in the lead on older tires after Lewis Hamilton attacked him, tried to overtake him and escape Verstappen who was behind him.

The seven-time world champion caught up with the Mexican very quickly: at one point he overtook him but Sergio Perez immediately retaliated and took the lead again. However, Lewis Hamilton finally managed to overtake Sergio Perez and move to the leading position again.

Still, this allowed Max Verstappen to close the gap that later allowed him to reach victory and the title. Max Verstappen thanked his teammate for this fight, and Sergio Perez received a new nickname from Max Verstappen for such a move.

"He is now the Minister of Defense,"Max Verstappen told to Sergio Perez in a video at the end of the season with Red Bull. Max Verstappen and team boss Christian Horner walked through the factory, and while discussing Sergio Perez’s victory in Azerbaijan, the team boss further praised the Mexican.

"Sergio Perez was a great teammate this year," Horner said. "The atmosphere among you was fantastic - Sergio Perez says you owe him a beer for Abu Dhabi…" "Oh, I'll pay for a lot of beer.

It will be good, "the new world champion replied.

Sergio Perez and Mexico

Sergio Perez also climbed the podium at his home race in Mexico, and his father’s celebration was one of the highlights of the weekend for the fans.

Max Verstappen and Christian Horner reflected around the weekend in Mexico and talked about how passionate the home fans were towards their compatriot. Third place was the icing on the cake as Perez became the first Mexican to win a podium in a home race.

"When we got there, the fans were already really crazy," Max Verstappen added. "Sure, a lot of Perez's fans, but now that Checo is on the team, there was Red Bull everywhere." “I’m really happy to have won the race, but I was also super happy to see Perez on the podium in his home race.

Checo's dad was celebrating, I think he's still celebrating. " Horner replied with a laugh, adding, "I thought Perez'dad would be in the car when you came with the car (to the podium)." Sergio Perez has admitted he needs to boost his performance and be more consistent in 2022, but Red Bull sports adviser Helmut Marko believes the decision to sign Sergio Perez for the team was the right thing to do because of the way he was with Verstappen.