New FIA president tried to contact Lewis Hamilton, but without success

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New FIA president tried to contact Lewis Hamilton, but without success
New FIA president tried to contact Lewis Hamilton, but without success (Provided by Sport World News)

New FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem revealed that he tried to contact Lewis Hamilton, but the Briton did not respond. Since the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton has not made any statements about the controversial end of the season in which he lost the title to Max Verstappen, and since the last race, Lewis Hamilton has been completely inactive on social media.

The British driver did not attend the FIA ​​gala dinner either, although he was obliged to appear according to the sports rules. "I sent him a few messages. I don't think Lewis Hamilton is 100% ready to answer.

I don't blame him. I understand his position. But there are also rules." "You must have read in the newspapers that the new president will sanction him, but of course, the media is intoxicated a lot. " "But for me, it's not just about one driver or team.

It is general. There are rules we have to follow and we have to respect the integrity of the FIA, and I can’t judge anyone if I don’t know all the facts." "My first task will be to go through the whole document related to Abu Dhabi.

But in the end, Lewis Hamilton and his team knew what non-appearance at the gala dinner meant. But we are all people at the end of the day. There is stress and pressure, "said Ben Sulayem.

Lewis Hamilton and Bin Sulayem

Bin Sulayem is convinced that all sides can leave behind the events of Abu Dhabi and that all these events will help set a better example for the future.

"Honestly, I am convinced that everything will be resolved. You can't think of the past. We have to think of a lot of things. We are the ones who create the future. " It looked like Bin Sulayem wanted to calm the passions and somehow justify Lewis Hamilton who seems distanced from F1 after all.

There have even been rumors that Lewis Hamilton will leave Formula One after a shockingly lost title, but the chances of such a thing are really slim. Hamilton will probably try to forget this incident and continue his career, and that could be the biggest motive for Hamilton to try to break the records he set and show that he is still the best F1 driver.

It won't be easy considering Max's quality, but maybe the way Hamilton lost makes him give his best and win a new title.

Lewis Hamilton