Rosberg: Max Verstappen is number 1, Lewis 2

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Rosberg: Max Verstappen is number 1, Lewis 2

Former world champion Nico Rosberg has selected drivers he believes were the best in the 2021 season. Rosberg, now a TV expert and presenter with his role as a team leader at Extreme E, has selected the best drivers of the recently concluded season on his YouTube channel, and as it became his style, he did not hesitate to express his opinion in ranking the best F1 drivers this seasons: "Verstappen first of all, because he (was) simply phenomenal!" said the 2016 title winner.

"The level in qualifying most of the time, the consistency throughout the year, the level he achieved against Lewis… was probably the best ever." “(Against Lewis) in Mercedes and in such a dominant form, (it was) simply out of the top list.

Also, level in wheel-to-wheel racing - Lewis is the best in wheel-to-wheel racing. But Verstappen, you probably have to say he was even better - just crazy. " “Level in the most difficult moments, Verstappen almost gets better when the pressure is high.

I was three-tenths slower when the pressure was high, he was two-tenths faster! It's crazy! I don't know how he did that. " “So Verstappen is probably number one if you look at the full season. If you take into account the unfortunate circumstances, (he) also had a little more bad luck.

So, Verstappen one, Lewis number two, ”he added. “(Lewis had) an epic season. A little more up-down, also because the car was a little up-down, but still more up-down. Valtteri (Bottas) also beat him several times in the qualifiers, so I would put him in second place and Verstappen in the first place, ”he stressed.

The best of the others

Rosberg then selected McLaren’s Lando Norris and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz as the next best drivers of the year, but he was a little hesitant about who he would put in first as they both had great performances during the season.

“I definitely have Lando there because Lando had this… he had a tough second part of the season, but overall, overall throughout the season, he had so many great highlights,” Nico continued. However, the German put Sainz next to Norris because he believes that the Spanish driver deserves the same - third place - as the McLaren driver.

"Then the 'smooth operator' as Carlos was (would be) fourth, but that's not fair," he said. "You have to watch the whole season, and Carlos did a really great job throughout the season." “He beat Leclerc in his first year at Ferrari.

I mean, Vettel didn't have a chance against Leclerc, and here comes Carlos and beats him. Do you know what that level is? "Let's put him in third place with Lando, and then we should put Leclerc in fifth place, because we know how good he is, and he had some great moments this year as well." Nico Rosberg concluded.