Prost: "After winning the title Verstappen will feel less pressure"

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Prost: "After winning the title Verstappen will feel less pressure"
Prost: "After winning the title Verstappen will feel less pressure" (Provided by Sport World News)

Four-time world champion Alain Prost believes Max Verstappen will be a much better driver after winning his first Formula One career title. For the first time in his career, the Dutchman had a competitive car with which he could fight for the title, but since he was fighting against seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, the pressure did not decrease.

Throughout the season, Verstappen did not give up under the aforementioned pressure and came to the title after overtaking Hamilton in the last lap at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - the race that was the last of the season. The questions were whether Verstappen was ready and whether he could win the title: he succeeded.

Alpine advisor Alain Prost believes that after the first title, the Dutch driver can be even better. "He had a perfect season," Prost said. "I remember when he started Formula One, we would often say: he has speed, he has everything, but maybe he works a little too much and that's why he's wrong."


Prost thinks Verstappen doesn't make many mistakes, but he still remembered one that could have cost him.

"It's normal when you're young (to make mistakes). He's getting better now, and he hasn't made many mistakes this year. Maybe in the Jeddah qualifiers. But he attacked a lot, it can happen. He was ready to reach the top. " "With a title in your pocket, you drive and think differently.

As soon as you win one, the pressure is lower. He will know even better when to attack and when to take less risks, and in the end, he will be a better driver, "he added. In the end, the epic title fight between Hamilton and Verstappen ended in controversy, not because of any driver, but because of the controversial safety car.

However, looking at the season as a whole, Prost believes that 2021 was the best Formula 1 season so far. Most believe this is the most exciting season we have been able to watch in the history of F1, and we really have to agree.

Throughout the season, the difference between Max and Hamilton was not huge and such a finale happens once in a hundred years "I think if you have a general view, yes. By that, I mean the spectacle, the sport, the human aspect, the popularity of Formula 1, and the fact that young people are starting to follow it. Therefore, yes, this is definitely the best season in history, "Prost concluded.