Fernando Alonso: "We must no longer look for excuses"

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Fernando Alonso: "We must no longer look for excuses"

Fernando Alonso says the excuses for the 2022 season are over. The scoreboard has been reset to zero for everyone, and now it’s up to Alpine to do things right to have any chance in the new era. With only a few days left until 2022, the two-time world champion recalls that they are all in the same positions due to changes in propositions coming up for next season.

"No one knows the goal. In a normal winter (winter break), we would say we have to find eight tenths. But we don’t know what the new measure is. Nobody knows. There is only hope that this will be enough, ”Alonso told German Auto Motor und Sport.

He believes that his team currently has everything at its disposal and that this time they are much better off. We will see if Alpine will really transform its car and make a big change. They have quality, now it's up to them ..

"We have the right people, the necessary budget, enough funds, and the support of the administration. Now it is up to us to do something. The time for excuses has passed, "the Spaniard added.

2022 season

However, Alonso has the advantage that he already knows 18-inch tires that will enter 2022 together in a package of regulations.

“I already know 18-inch tires from WEC cars. For others, it was the first time, ”he explains. Despite the uncertainty, the Alpine driver is confident that his team can do a good job and achieve the goal. "I am just optimistic.

So many people are working on the project. I have to give them hope and trust, ”he said. The French manufacturer is working on a new engine, which he hopes will form a good tandem with the new chassis. "A new engine was absolutely necessary, but something will come from the aerodynamics as well.

Otherwise, we will not be able to reduce the backlog, "he said. Alonso is facing a new challenge after only a year since he returned to the Formula 1 grid without almost any preparatory testing. Alonso wasn't used to what was waiting for him, but he was doing pretty well again.

Of course, the quality is still there "The front tires, front axle and power steering were not what I was used to. I rely a lot on the feel of the front tires, which has had a big impact on my performance, ”concluded Fernando Alonso.