Coulthard: Verstappen ‘got into Hamilton’s head’

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Coulthard: Verstappen ‘got into Hamilton’s head’

Former F1 driver David Coulthard believes Max Verstappen has built a psychological advantage over Lewis Hamilton in direct duels on the track. Verstappen and Hamilton fought fiercely on the track many times during the season, and they both crossed the border several times — although the Dutchman was still in the lead.

This year’s fantastic title fight was decided in the last lap of the last race of the season when Verstappen overtook Hamilton in turn 5 with late braking. Hamilton left him a lot of space, ‘the door was open, which the Dutchman took advantage of.

Coulthard believes that Verstappen ‘got into the head’ of Hamilton and that the Briton was always aware that Verstappen would attack when they find themselves in a direct confrontation on the track. "Verstappen is an extraordinary man, an extraordinary athlete.

He is ingenious and causes divisions among the fans. Who else can we say he was like that? Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher are just some of the examples. " “To be honest with Lewis, he won an incredible number of titles in a very clean way.

He was not involved in too much controversy. With the strength of Mercedes and Lewis, Max had to find a different approach, and his approach is that he will always attack when the door is partially open. " "And Lewis had to keep opening the door because he knew he (Verstappen) was coming and he got into Lewis's head," Coulthard said.

Aggressive style

Verstappen has been known for his aggressive and attacking driving style since the beginning of his career, which has often caused a split opinion among fans, but with this driving style he performed some fantastic maneuvers (double overtaking Mercedes at the start in Mexico) and eventually came up with the title.

Coulthard says Verstappen is not afraid of anyone. "Max always had to fight for everything and from the very beginning, he was the winner." Verstappen is known for what every F1 fan knows and that is an aggressive approach during every race "He skipped several categories and came to Formula 1.

He is not afraid of anyone. It's not part of his psyche. What impresses me most about him is that he will always attack if he sees space. There is no doubt about that. " "When I was racing, I knew how to 'weigh' whether to attack and take risks or not. He just always attacks. It's really special, "Coulthard added.