Here is the new and anti-racist Mercedes 2020

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Here is the new and anti-racist Mercedes 2020

A few days before the start of the new Formula 1 season, we discover the new Mercedes, the car that the team of champion Lewis Hamilton will drive in 2020. It is a car with a new black and anti-racist livery: "We made ourselves account that only 3% of our employees belong to ethnic minorities and only 12% are women."

With an official statement, Mercedes, that has dominated F1 since six years, showed a new livery for the World Championship which will start on Sunday from Austria. There will no longer be the classic silver color of the previous versions and with the famous shades.

The new background color of the car will be completely black. And it's not a random choice. This color was chosen as a symbol of the fight against racism, a social aspect that Lewis Hamilton and his team carried on in these weeks before the start of the World Championship.

We have all seen the media battle between Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone.

The new Mercedes

The new Mercedes 2020 will have two writings on the chassis: one will be the End Racism inscription on the profile of the halo, while the hashtag #WeRaceAsOne will be engraved on the rear-view mirrors.

Team leader Toto Wolff said: "Racism and discrimination have no place in our society and our team." Hamilton thank his team principal: "I am grateful to Toto. Especially for listening to my experience. Because I have experienced racism on my skin, and I have seen friends and family members experience racism on their skin.

We must do everything to raise awareness people to change." The team explained: "We are proud of our culture and our values, that we reward each individual contribution, and the members of our team tell a story of inclusion.

But we realized that only 3% of our employees belong to ethnic minorities and only 12% of them are women. This lack of diversity tells us that we must seek new approaches to attract talent from areas of society that we are unable to achieve today."

Thus the silver arrows become black arrows. After everything that happened with the Black Lives Matter born after the assassination of George Floyd in the USA and with the new videos that are scandalizing public opinion, the choice of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton is a step to sensitize people and face a very important topic.